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Item find: 427
Time: 63 minutes
Concrds: 2
~Only thing that keeps me going is Gwynevere 's knockers.
whenever from soft makes 2 covenants that are the same thing for no reason
The darkmoon blades are hostile toward Aldrich faithfull
I have 9 extra of these ones. If somebody need them just drop me a message on XboxOne

Gt: dhflores
Sadly you can't drop covenant items. I tried to drop my friend 30 sunlight medals (got so many of those) and they didn't appear for him when he summoned me.
you cant "leave" covenant items. stop offering help when you only need friends
I need Proofs of a Concord Kept.

PSN-Name: Mephisto_3000
I can help, reply if you see this
You can't trade covenant items
So i have a theory of why aldrich faithful sometimes drop the well kepts, it says on the item screen that if you have layered ears is because you are a great offender of the gods, aldrich has eaten the gods and aldrich faithful protect him... so i think it's enough reason.
Pretty easy to farm this item at Anor Londo. I did it, took a few hours to get all 30 but then again, leveled up like 8 extra levels too.
So after hours of slowly dying inside, farming the knights at anor londo, I've found that quitting to the main menu and coming back seemed to drastically increase the drop rate. It went from one proof of a concord kept every 30 runs or so to one every other run. Not sure if it's a coincidence, but hopefully it helps.
I'll try it and get back to you
Well I tried it the first time and it worked shockingly, however after 5 runs doing that yielded dang I actually thought you were on to something there
Literally got one after my first quit but i didn't get anything after trying about 10 more times. I'm thinking it was just coincidence. Would be awesome if it worked though.
This actually friggin' works. No idea why. Luck stat 7 (knight class with no investment in luck), Gold Serpent Ring +3, Symbol of Avarice, Crystal Sage Rapier LH and rusted coins gave me 423 item discovery. I farmed the two knights for 5 minutes (6-8 knights killed) and got 1 ear. I proceeded with quitting the game entirely, not just to the game menu, but all the way to the startup interface of the game system (I'm on PS4). I reloaded the entire game, repeated the above-mentioned and got 1 new ear after 5 minutes.
I need proof of concord kept and I'll give you human dregs (Aldrich Faithful)
you can't trade covenant items.
And even if you could it would be like 30 dregs for one proof
Can someone please trade me some of these NONE TRADEABLE items, most of the comments lol