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I need help with anor londo
Xbox360 ? OBELI5K
I need assistance at the Old Iron King I've tried teied 3 different time to kill him but no luck....
Hey if anyone needs help...
I do.


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Hey looking for a partner to play on PC any takers?
Hey man, i can play with ya if you dont mind, i play almost 10 hours a day any day so timezones wont be a problem, hook me up, Steam Username: ulision312 OR - S E P H -
I need help at the ancient dragon console is a ps4
god leveling up the dragon covenant is a paaaain
Hi guys tidiesthurdle75 add me on Xbox live I play ds regularly
Hello all, this is kylesan25 looking for other dark souls players to help me complete dark souls 1. I really would appreciate the help. Ps3
If anyone is on xbox one (360, i suppose) and want to help me get Ornstiens armour, by killing Smough first, that would be awesome. Gamertag: matrimonypony