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I am in the process of grinding upgrade materials for the equipment I am taking through the entirety of my NG+2 playthrough, vanilla Dark Souls 2, no DLC (but will have the Scholar of the First Sin edition soon, PS3). I have decided to opt out of my usual OP equipment in favor of a more stylish, "royal knight" appearance.
Here is my build setup:
Weapons -
R1 Magic Moonlight Greatsword
R2 Dark Sunset Staff
R3 [none]

L1 Dark Drakekeeper's Greatshield
L2 Black Witch's Staff (to be replaced with Magic Staff of Wisdom)
L3 [none]

Chaos Hood
Throne Defender's Armor
King's Gauntlets
King's Leggings

I am SL 235, with roughly 11 mil Soul Memory. I liked the look of the King's set but preferred the Throne Defender's chest. I used the Moonlight Greatsword very little prior to making my decision, even in the first game, but have found that I really like it's moveset while farming Dragon Arie via Bonfire Ascetics. I will have to stock up on Repair Powders or switch out some spells in favor of Repair. Any thoughts or opinions on my setup? I find it to be very stylish, while still maintaining a lot of functionality.