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Just play a game, I do the exact the same thing.

Also, It is funny to see people to put every buff that can possible use, and get defeated in less than 10 seconds.


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I wonder what percentage of the people here actually adapt to their enemy.

As an example, if I"m losing against someone, the gimping stops.


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Jerry0007 wrote:I was wondering whether other players limit their builds/playstyles, in order to make PvP more interesting. I understand that most people try to use their builds to their maximum effectiveness by using buffs, min-maxing stats, etc. I feel that I play the opposite, but not because of ignorance toward ideal setups. I play with a "gimped" (no upgraded armor, fashion only, no magic/buffs, inefficient/unfocused stats) character because it improves me as a player, and it is more fun to challenge myself. Sometimes I'll limit myself to only using a weapon that I'm less proficient in for an extended period of time, so I can learn how to use it better. So, my question to everyone is if they have things that they'll abide by when they fight, even if they're detrimental to them winning that battle.

Does it really though?

It sets unrealistic expectations for what damage you'll give/receive, how your stamina will regenerate, how many hits you can take before being staggered by which weapons, which attacks you can/cant dodge how and when.

Being really good with a bad setup=/= being really good with a good setup. Past a certain point, if you want to get good, you have to get good with the set of things you want to be good with and know absolutely everything about them and how they interact with everything else.
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Of course there are limits, thats why the meta level is put into effect.

People all play at roughly the same level, they have no real limitations that other people can potentially have, unless a character is purposefully built that way.

Most stay at around 100 or 120, this way they can effectively pvp against others, and be within a set statistical limitation so people cant be a Jack of all Trades.

However, because of all the new people that havent played a Souls game before, and because of all the scrubs from Bloodborne, we have A LOT of really ignorant and stupid players that dont stick to metas, dont limit their characters, and look online for "The best weapon in dark souls 3", instead of coming up with their own ideas for builds, they have to copy everyone else because they have no willpower or imagination to create their own builds.

Which is why so many people use Dark Sword, Estoc, and Washing Pole, with absolutely no difference in playstyle or gear combination.

You have free range to do whatever you want, as long as its within the meta, but that doesnt mean the game cant be easily abused by EZ-mode trash weapons and playstyles.

I use a big fat strength weapon, and i tank hits, so i slap on a wolfs ring, use my poise, and deal big trading hits, but i do it without using big tanky gear, because i simply dont need it to make use of Super Armour.

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DanteWTF wrote:I think I intentionally limit myself when I do videos as in, if I am showcasing a particular weapon, I won't switch to a different weapon even after or parry, or to finish off an opponent. Not in video recording mode, I also limit myself, but in a non-min-maxing way. Meaning, my stats aren't up to par with particular weapons because I am constantly switching weapons. I also never buff my character or weapon, which is somewhat limiting. Extremely rarely I might use bleed serum but bleed generally sucks anyway haha. I also don't use necessarily the best gear for my character, I try to use armor that keeps me under 40% encumbrance, and I am not cool enough to care about fashion souls as much either. I tend to use weapons that aren't used as much, but not sure if that is counted as gimping oneself. I love the variety.

I do think, in a sense, gimping oneself can create an overall better player but there are those players who gimp themselves just so they can have an excuse if they lose. I find a lot of people, whether or not they'd admit that, fall in that category because it is rare to see someone so good that gimping themselves makes fights more fair.

On a side note, I find when I fight a gimped out player, wearing no armor and using a ladle, it actually upsets me. To me I don't care about the fight because I should win the fight fairly easily. Easy fights aren't fun for me unless there is something extremely unique about them. So as a sort of unneeded answer to a question you didn't ask haha, I think you should only gimp or limit yourself, if you can still make a competitive fight and all can benefit from having fun.


Yes, I also believe gimping yourself for a while helps you to get better because I feel like it helps you to understand the game mechanics more deeply and helps you learn different tricks to distract or manipulate your opponent. Also, it forces you to really know the weapon your using and to be more precise in spacing, timing and reaction.
And I also found it very boring when I fought someone who was gimping themselves because the fights were usually not very challenging at all, mostly because the person gimping themselves usually were mediocre players at best. I have seen very few players put up a good/interesting fight while gimping themselves.

To the original poster...
When I used to play dark souls 2 I would gimp myself quite often. When I say "gimp", this is what I mean: I usually never buffed; I prefered heavy weapons, which is like an automatic disadvantage right off the bat (unless your really good, are good at predicting movements and good at baiting); I almost always used weapons that I never saw anyone else use, such as the red rust sword, lost sinners sword, giant stone axe, black knight greataxe, pickaxe, gyrm great hammer, helix halberd, full moon sickle, etc. (never really used katanas or straight swords except maybe the manslayer or possessed sword a couple times for fun; never really min-maxed for any specific weapons because I liked to switch up weapons all the time for variety, so if I made a strength build, I might go to like 20-or 25 dex just to make sure that I have a lot of weapons to choose from, while still making sure not to over-level my character; many times, if I noticed my opponent was outmatched by a large margin, I would lower my game just enough so that he would have a chance, but I would still keep it challenging for him in hopes they would learn something new and improve their game for the next time we fought; I would try not to cheese anyone with too many cheap moves. For example, there were many times where I could have back-stepped through certain weapons or attack with ease, but because I believed back-stepping was kind of cheap and looked stupid, I tried just to roll or I wouldn't follow up with an attack if I did do it. Back-stepping i-frames were alright, but it felt too easy to do and I always felt that certain attacks shouldn't be able to be back-stepped through, such as a vertical attack from an ultra greatsword or great hammer weapon or even a thrust from a large weapon -- I wished that larger weapons had a slightly lingering hit-box on those types of attacks because that would stop people from standing in your face and then back-stepping through a sword that looked like it cut them in half or impaled them. I would be alright if they used a quickstep or strafe to dodge the attack, but watching weapons pass through a person's entire body without even stunning them did not sit right with me. Also, I wouldn't just whip out a bow and spam 100 arrows just to finish someone off.



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I try using the Vanquisher's seal to make things interesting (I've never come across someone else using it for PVP) and no bone fist.

Fisticuffs aren't a great weapon and I don't practice with them otherwise so it doesn't usually turn out well. But every once in a while there's that one guy who freaks out at your mighty strength and makes the grinding for that dumb ring worth it.


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I just play with what's comfortable. Light to medium armor for a good mix of defense and mobility(but fashion souls in the end), whatever weapons I am good at(swords, greatswords, axes/hammers, daggers, spears), usually just do weapon buffs for kicks and a little added damage, stay at a level where I think PvP is best, and heal to keep a fight going. I mean, there are builds that just one or two shot you, and let me tell you how fun those are to fight against.

I can't play PvP in Souls anymore though cause my internet connection is waaaaaay bad, like 450Kbps download and 100Kbps upload bad.
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In every game there's always "that" build (c' know the one, the really easy one) anyways so using anything other than that is basically for style, so I feel like you may as go all the way at that point.

It's always been style over efficiency for me. Nobody is impressed with your ability to use "that" build, but someone somewhere might give you a bow for accomplishing the same, but with style.


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only when im grinding for the dragonbros on a new char i use mlg builds, otherwise fashionsouls above all else