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If anyone finds a Sharpened Spriggian Greatsword on Xbox One msg me. Gamertag: Golden Guardian
Hey you're in my guild on xbox NA servers, cause and effect
Lol this set is op
Best place to farm sharpened daggers?? Been grinding razaks wheel all day with not much luck.
Selling Spriggan Dagger Sharpened (XBOX ONE NORTH AMERICAN SERVER) Send me message if interested. Gamertag: OG Canadian x
How much?
HannibalHd us server what's your price for the dagger?
Dual WIeld Spriggan Mace (Sharp) with Crusher glyph oooo they'll be dropping fast
Been farming all the spots for a while and still no greatsword, anyone have a suggestion on a "best" spot to farm it? I farm mostly in razak's wheel and usually only get bows.
Go to cyrodil and buy it with alliance points. 5k a bag.. but there's 2 other sets you might get within that bag. Easiest way tho
Seems dooe
purple jewelry is hard to get
Do chest hunting runs. Helps a lot. Even better in a group. Got one sword and mace, both sharp. But you need to have *Treasure Hunter Champion Passive*.