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I cannot find this item I had one and was using it and it's not in storage at bonfire ???
you have to rescue onyx in the undead settlement and talk to him in fire link.
He gives you a pyro-flame every new-game, theres no other way to get one except for choosing the pyromancer class in the beginning of the game
There is another way, you can kill cornyx for another flame but if you want more pyromancies give him all the tomes, then kill him
How do I upgrade staffs
Upgrade staves with Andre, there are tabs at the top you can navigate, upgrade flames with cornyx
Such an incredible franchise all but ruined by 100 useless weapons with crap stats and even crappier movesets. Oh but this or that weapon is so awesome at level 100 and max upgrade!! Just put all your points into luck like 1000 other players and ***** yourself out what little variety is left. Now shut up, wear the same stuff as everyone else, and enjoy all the new dung pies in our DLC. Meh fine... heres another flame that took us half a year and millions of dollars to include. (We spent all our time writing code for dung pies)
Well, someone's salty. And the weapons? That's a ridiculous hyperbole. Maybe in the highest, top-tier PvP, but that's about it. The vast majority weapons are perfectly viable for almost all non-PvP encounters, save for enemies that require specific strategies or are highly resistant/weak to certain damage types. And their weren't really *that* many dung pies in the DLC (not sure whether you are talking about the quality of the weapons or the item dung pie but either way my point still stands)...



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Are you effing stupid, pal?
And people like this are the reason only like 20% of the games players actually like pvp.
hahaha. I've seen people make almost every weapon is this game usable with the right stats (no I don't mean luck).
You're so cute when you're salty, and you're positively adorable when you're stupid.

Try playing in the SL 20 meta. You'd be amazed at how many "crap" weapons with "crappier" movesets define the low-level meta.
Wish that if this equipped on the left and a weapon on the right weapon it would give the weapon or keep the left hand a flame glow. Also wish there was a black flame for astetics...
Should add the new Curved Sword from the Demon Prince's soul, Demon Scar.


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Parting Flame and Demon Scar are really cool and all but where's a black flame variant? Give the Abyss some love man...
Ikr. Lemme remind you we have hollow players here too
Uhh... Given that Flames/Pyromancies already scale off of both INT and FTH...

...There's no need for a dark specific flame. That would be like making a Sorcerer Staff that's purpose built for casting soul sorceries, with a spellbuff that scales purely off of INT.

...Oh wait, we already have a dozen of those purpose-built staves! Thanks FROM!
White Hair Tailsman also casts pyromancies
But it is classified as a talisman, not a flame, so it wouldn't show up here.