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Does this give you absorption and the flat damage reduction of an armor set?
Yes and no.
It gives more Magic, Dark and Fire resistance
Physical has no change
You get a -15 to your lightning defence.
Has anyone used this thing with a floyd's ring? It sounds like it can be devastating with the right light weapon.
twinkling dragon torso does the info is on it's page, and yes this is often used with dark hand, floydds ring, or ceastus for fun
Praise the Pruld
Can this deflect sorcerers?
I enjoy using the Spook spell to quicken going down paths and ladders, 3 times spook was active in dragon form (it showed my feet glowing) all 3 times died/took fall damage. Wondering what other self affecting spells are impacted by this?


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Added PVE vs PVP numbers, source:
How well would this pair with something like, let's say Gundyr's Halberd? Could a build be made at all around this pair?