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So, this has bothered me from the get-go. When you confront Ashley/Kaidan during the coup and if you decide to shoot them, Shepard shoots them in the abdomen. The sadistic implications of condemning your long time comrade-in-arms to horrible, drawn out, death in agony from being gut-shot aside, it's a really bad shot placement if your intention is to incapacitate someone.

Same goes for several other instances. Shepard's inexplicable aversion to fatal shots seems weird to me. It's not like BioWare shy away from gore, they clearly showed Saren blowing his brains out in ME1.



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Bioware didn't shy away from gore in the first game because back then they were a small independent development studio.

With EA came focus groups, market research, and rules about what a game can and cannot show in order to sell to the largest number of people. So yes, Shepard has terrible shot placement in the later games because EA demanded they not show gore.



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When training with fire arms you're typically trained to shoot in the chest area because it is larger and has the majority of vital organs. Aiming for the head is not very desirable if you want to reliable place a fatal shot. That's why armoring your chest is more important than your head.

However I bet in game it's so the characters can give dramatic final words.