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Hi all, whoever still plays this gem. I am stuck in a frustrating condition with the Chaos Servant covenant: As soon defeating Quelaag I joined the covenant, reached rank 2 with 30 humanity, but NO shortcut popped. SO, i left and did other covenant stuff, got the lordvessal, defeated 4 kings, met quelana, and now REJOINED but NOTHING. I gave Chaos covenant now 85 NEW humanity from farming the rats in the depths for HOURS, and around humanity #15 or 20 or whatever it told me I had ranked up again......NO SHORTCUT. So give, give , give to now 115 HUMANITY total and NOTHING!


How do i unlock this stupid shortcut??????????????????


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There is no glitch, you're just looking in the wrong place. The shortcut is in the Demon Ruins, through the hole in the wall immediately before Demon Firesage. You open the big rune-covered door to skip all the annoying parts of Lost Izalith.