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Thank you for causing me to waste 8 hours of my life and 300k in gold trying to complete an incompatible puzzle. I have to say based on experience, and spending more than 300 hours playing Dark Souls 1-3 and Bloodborne that you have created the absolutely most awful game map in the history of gaming. There is a huge difference between challenging and just ridiculous challenging. Might want to consider removing the gold penalty if you plan on keeping Pitchwood as is cause your going to loose a lot of gamers over it. At least on PS4 for Dart and Shadowroll or whatever doesn't work exactly as you probably planned. Just a dredful map, and I've been gaming for about 35 years and this even makes the original Ninja Gaiden seem fun. I have no doubt that Pitchwood is going to make it on lists of worst game maps in the future. Hope you all get it sorted out cause as is it needs a lot of work in order for it not to kill player immersion or progression. :twistedevil: Just awful!



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Ugh, that platforming and those unicorns.

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I get that you're annoyed, but #1 Pitchwood is entirely optional and #2 I can only imagine you're talking about the jumping puzzle above the shrine? The rest of the jumping is quite straightforward and that puzzle only leads you up to a secret sanctuary (which you can't easily get back down from so it's better to use the shrine at the bottom if you're attempting the boss).

I quite like Pitchwood because it's got a distinct look, unique enemies, and one of my favourite creeds.
That was my favorite area.


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I didn't love it, and the platform brought me a few nightmares, but you can always buy stuff before attempting it. One may not know it's optional or get lost without knowing where to go next, but that's the same for any Souls game...