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Hello fellow slayers.

I hate to create a new thread with this, but I don't know what to do.

I imported Demon's Souls from Hong Kong back in 2009, before it was localized in NA and EU.

I had absolutely no clue what was going on at the time, but I loved it. The atmosphere was amazing, and the bizarre level design was so different. The scary feeling of wondering about, alone in unchartered territory with potential death lurking around every corner..

I managed to complete the game after some time and went on to buy the EU version aswell. I re-played it with proper english and a better functional online component (including jolly co-op!) and had a really good experience.
It was one of my first platinums, and I've since managed to platinum all Souls games, and Bloodborne.

However, my 66% completion on the Asian version of Demon's has bothered me at times. A few weeks ago, I decided to return to Boletaria, with the goal to complete the platinum.
As most of you probably know though, there is that one trophy to hold them all: Bladestone.

I've been farming for soo long now Im starting to feel insane.
If there is anyone out there with the Asian version and a Pure Bladestone, I'll trade whatever item you want. Or be eternally grateful.
I have several characters between SL. 70-150, but I can make sure to level one to match if neccessary.

It's the one piece I need to complete my collection.
Hit me up on PSN: nak_85