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EldritchImagination wrote:I swear, people will lose their sh@t if a Demon's Souls reboot ever came out on PS4. modern graphics, refined gameplay and mechanics, maybe some new items, and if that sixth stone is added as a new level with new bosses, it will finally be complete.

If there were ever a right thing to petition over...



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I'd say the atmosphere is what really made the game shine. In terms of intensity, only bloodborne comes close to the story of demon souls. I nearly lost it when I realised I was feeding the true demon all the time.

Plus, actually strong things you could do. Regen builds, oh how I miss them.
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If it was faithful to the original in all but a graphical upgrade and improved netcode...

Could you imagine the sweet sweet reddit tears of hosts having their npcs/quests and tendencies spoiled by ruthless invaders. :devil:

It's been less and less of a threat each souls iteration.
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I hope if it gets released it's a remake, wouldn't want the same exact game twice



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Atmosphere. Everything was just so damned twisted. And much less of the typical humanoid enemies.

Fromsoft has an amazing team. But combined with help from Sony, they create things like DeS and BB. I can't deny the fact that Sony is a factor in all this. Wether if it is rescources or even extra devs that come aboard.... FS + Sony = magic.



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You can climb waist-high ledges.


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I got into Souls when this game was free on PS+. With that being said, the hand to hand combat. Upgrading your weapon to whatever direction you wanted. I am a Dragon Quest fanboy, and I couldn't understand how, whatever direction you wanted to go, you could wreck this game.



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TSMP wrote:
theotherMittens wrote:You can climb waist-high ledges.

I completely forgot about that. Made level exploration more interesting.

I played Demon's Souls first, but didn't get very far. I came back to the game after beating Bloodborne and the first two Dark Souls, and was baffled when I got stuck on a ledge after retrieving an item in Tower of Latria. I raged for a little bit about that incredibly stupid choice in level design, and nearly jumped into the abyss before accidentally climbing back up. My mind broke a little on that day.