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This thread dedicated to the posts of the talented modders for ME3

Note: All creations are copyrighted by their respectful owners. Fextralife claims no authority for any damages you incur modding your game. Mod at your own risk. Fextralife claims no ownership of any mods, they are listed here to preserve the history of mods made and posted to Bioware's forums which are being removed 10, October of 2016. Bioware's stance on modding for ME3 is thus: as long as it is texture based and does not interfere with Multi-player you are free to mod.

Posts were chosen based on public access, any mods or creations that are defunct or closed to public participation or not hosted somewhere other than BSN were not included.

Smarteck- creator of more than 100 4k textures. Wayback archive post and his OneDrive page

Mass Effect Chronicles -Fan Game- Wayback Post
I think the game might be defunct, I have reached out to the devs Mediafire for Alpha Test 1.0b

Mass Effect 3 - Guide on how to create your unique class for Single Player by Gaw_Gamnit Wayback Arcticle

Commando Armor for Liara Pink CE Outfit Wayback Page and Mediafire Link Mediafire for only textures

Ottemis HR Textures - Wayback Page Page 2 Page 3 Page 4Ottemis on the Nexus

MrFob's MEHEM (Mass Effect Happy Ending Mod) Wayback Article Contine to the Nexus for the latest work

Mass Effect 3 Modding Thread Last Update 14-5-2012 - Wayback Page 1 Page 2 Page3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6

Links contained in thread that cannot be accessed by Wayback:
ME3 PlotID List on Pastebin
ME3 Plot condition List
ME3 plot condition structure
ME3 Gibbed Save Editor
Widescreen fixer (for changin FoV)
Wenchy's Coalesd Editor

ME3Explorer Forums - the latest in modding information and how to's

Mass Effect 3 Paint Adventures - Page 1 Page2 Page 3 Page4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page9 Page 10 Page 25
Rest of the pages can be accessed by clicking the links on Wayback.. the pages are slow to load but should work.

Modding the Mass Effect Series by Isaac_Aphelion - Wayback Article

Commented List of Extracted Audio Files for out-game listening by Gravenu3 Wayback Page Wayback Page

Omega's Misfits by Frozen Mind -Wayback Page Website
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