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It goes to everyone who lurks on players who get to Oolacile Town. Everyone who begins the session with Elizabeths Mushroom (and yeah I know you use a trainer for an infinite stock), I will disconnect, especially as a phantom invader. You are good for nothing scums who are the worst in PVP, as a gamer and especially as a fighter. Especially this kind:
*chum chump need those mushrooms*
*circling circling for backstabby stabby*
*Oh no! He using two handling halberd R2 move against my backstabby stabby
*Allright nows time to **** for my life with Wrath of God spam*
yeah, seriously... screw you



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You're free to have your particular opinions on a "type" of player, but this thread is coming from a place of hostility that is not encouraged on this board.

There are a few elements here that aren't in line with our forum guidelines. Please see the link in my signature for the full list.
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