In this game, there are certain things that are clearly in your advantage. You are grateful that enemy mages don't use sleep or waking nightmare on you. While the image is comic, you certainly don't want that. And although the enemy mages can heal, the warriors or rogues never seem to use health poultice. Thank God. :)

But then, sometimes you think it's so unfair that your enemies can do that while you can't. For instance, your teammates can trigger a trap you laid down, but your enemies never seem to step on the traps they set up. Also in Lothering, the enemy hounds can apparently overwhelm you (not sure that is just for nightmare difficulty or happen in other difficulty settings as well) while your hound hasn't learned the trick yet. And at level 15, your warrior cannot unlock superiority but enemy warriors can (Bann Teagan and the suit of armor)! What were the moments you wanted to say 'Are you kidding me? That's not fair.'?


Orge grab attack, for me such attack in any game is unfair, because we cannot do anything but watch. One may argue that party member can do this and that, but the one ho got grabbed can't do anything.

Darkspawn Berserker Rage and War Cry at Ostagar

Undead with shields continuously shield bash making permanent knockdown at Brecilian Forest ruin

Overpowered Emissaries in saving  refugee quest and Wynne quest

Revenant attacks can't be blocked even with shield because they are all special attacks and deal tons of damage, i hate any cannot be blocked enemy attacks in any game

Ser Cuthrien millions of health and deal tons of damage plus minions, of course it is a set up to make us failed but still unfair

I really hate attacks with the overwhelm effect. It's just so... humiliating.

I'm not kidding, I always reload the last save file when that happens.
I know what you mean, having your mighty warden who's the last hope of the country being taken down by a Giant Spider or something petty. If it was a Boss or Elite enemy I can understand it.

Yes, especially right after The Warden giving an epic killing the mighty Orge at Ostagar....being overwhelmed by pack of wolves on the way to the Mage tower from Lothering...get trapped too...


In the mage's tower you encounter multiple Templars with holy smite and they all smite your mage at the very same time killing them instantly...no protection possible...especially for poor Wyne...


Ultimate rage moment in this game: that one bridge in the Deep Roads where two groups of shrieks spawn on either side of you and ambush you. Even when I know it’s coming, it’s virtually impossible for me to complete this part without someone falling in battle. Hate, hate, hate it!

Also: the bit in the circle tower with the desire demon and the charmed templar. She summons a whole crap-load of undead, and that battle always goes on for an eternity.


All combat right after cut scene is unfair, because our party are not ready while enemies are already giving first attack from their advantageous position, worse if the first attack is AoE spell such as Cone of Cold that trap 2 or 3 (or even all) of our party or Fireball knocking everyone out (the con Mage Tower book trader quest have a hidden Mage giving Fireball, sometimes right after cut scene)

Thinking about it, the difference in price between backpacks from the quartermaster in Ostagar, and their price everywhere else. Especially because By Ostagar the player doesn't have many items so is likely on their first playthrough to ignore them. Then pay a small fortune to another vendor.

I hate overwhelm! Completely, totally and utterly hate it!!! Mostly in regards to the werewolves. I can usually handle other enemies using it but those buggers are fast!

And what I found really unfair is my cool changing powers in the Fade are better than the animals I can turn into outside of it.