It never really bothered me. I get xp regardless and since I rotate my party I end up higher leveled than them anyway


...competing with the companions for the killing blow.

I was almost killing the archdemon,then some random darkspawn sheided bash me,Alistair who was figithing with 4 diferent hurlocks suddenly comes from nowhere and get the animation.Really pissed me off.

Reloaded...(Immediate regret since i realize that i spent the last hour trying to kill it)


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Lol, I admit that sometimes this bugs me too. I was not about to let any of these jokers take that Sacred Ashes High Dragon kill from me, because that thing was a pain to take down. Easily the worst kill-steeler, I found, was Sigrun. Like, what the hell dwarf? Y u gotta ax all my targets first? 


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...competing with the companions for the killing blow.

Here you are, battling the strongest enemy in that room. You can almost taste that juicy 167xp, but when you're almost defeating the fiend, a magic bolt out of nowhere kills it.

Then you look back and realize Morrigan got those xp points and not you.

To add insult to injury, the party accomplishments list says she was the one that defeated the creature despite the fact that you did most of the work.

I kinda liked that the Party Accomplishments list did that. It added something to the visceral, gut-wrenching horror of my first time through the final battle of A Paragon of Her Kind to see that Oghren was the one who got the last blow in on Branka, and made it really satisfying when he later killed an Ogre Alpha to wipe away the shame of the strongest thing he killed being his own wife.

It was never a problem for my Hero, who usually got the killing blow on most enemies.

I've actually had to hold him back so someone else can get a certain enemy.

It isn't difficult to hold party members back. Just have the one you want attacking, switch to the mage in your party and then have all party members selected. Only the attacking party member will continue, while all others stand still.