Fortnite Battle Royale will now warn people not to play in class

Fortnite Battle Royale will now warn people not to play in class

One nice feature of Fortnite is its portability. In addition to the PC version, there’s Fortnite Battle Royale for iOS and Android devices. So wherever you are, you can engage in a battle…even if you’re in class.

Fortnite Battle Royale warns players not to play in class

Well, one teacher wrote to Epic and asked them for help with stopping students from playing in class. Here’s his request:

“Since mobile came out my students won’t stop playing in class. Idk if it’s possible, but I told them I’d write you and they didn’t believe me. Could you add this to the loading screen for a couple days to mess with them?

“Mr. Hillman says stop playing in class”” – Mr Hillman, teacher.

And Epic obliged. One of the loading messages in Fortnite Mobile is now “Mr. Hillman says stop playing in class”.

Fortnite Battle Royale

It’s a nice way for Epic to engage with their fans. You can check out the trailer for Fortnite Battle Royale below.

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