Forspoken Expansion ‘In Tanta We Trust’ Releases May 26th
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Forspoken Expansion ‘In Tanta We Trust’ Releases May 26th

Square Enix and Luminous Productions have unveiled a story expansion for Forspoken titled ‘In Tanta We Trust’ is set to release this May.

Forspoken Expansion ‘In Tanta We Trust’ Releases May 26th

A story expansion will be releasing on May 26th for the magical parkour RPG Forspoken. The DLC will be set 25 years before the events of the main story of the game. While set at a different time, Frey will be continuing to fight to stop the Break from destroying Athia forever. Following a mysterious voice, she will end up back in the past, during the Purge of the Rheddig. This terrible battle is the cause of Athia’s destruction and current state.

But Frey will not be alone in her mission. With Tanta Cinta, she will open up a set of brand-new magical abilities to fight off the invading Rheddig and the forces behind it.

The expansion comes after the lukewarm response to the release of Forspoken, which didn’t manage to stir sales. Square Enix’s president and representative director Yosuke Matsuda shared earlier in March that the reviews for Forspoken “have been challenging” but says the action features of the game received praise. Sales were described as “lacklustre” causing an impact on their fiscal year 2023/3 earnings. This in turn caused Luminous Productions to be reabsorbed into Square Enix at the start of May.

In case you missed it Forspoken was released in January containing an impressive mix of magic with parkour stunts, with some stunning fantasy visuals. Main character Frey suddenly finds herself in the mystical land of Athia, armed with a Cuff that lets her do some extraordinary things such as travel fast and parkour. The title’s gameplay has a mix of magic and adventure. Forspoken is currently available on PS5 and PC.

Forspoken In Tantas We Trust will be released on May 26th. Those who purchased the digital deluxe edition of the game will get early access on May 23rd.

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