First 24 minutes of Absolver Gameplay from Gamescom 2017!

An online melee action-rpg, centered around martial arts, Absolver hits physical and digital store shelves in a week. This 24-minute gameplay video released today showcases the beginning of the game and shows players what they will be getting into if they decided to pick up Absolver.

Absolver is set to Release in just One Week!

The video begins with the players character in training, partaking in a ritual and receiving a mask that they put on and then sent to the land of Adal.

From there, the player wanders around this starting area, being introduced to some of the game’s more methodical and complicated fighting mechanics before finally taking on human opponents.

The video should definitely give you a good feel for the Absolver’s mechanics if you really didn’t understand them beforehand. You can check out our breakdown of all the weapons and armors in the beta test here.

The game is developed by Sloclap, a Parisian indie game developer comprising of former Ubisoft Paris employees. You can check out the 24 minute gameplay video above, titled “Arriving in Adalor read about the Multiplayer. Absolver will launch very soon on August 29 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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