Fire Emblem’s Music Collection: Session Flower of Enchantment announced

Fire Emblem’s Music Collection: Session Flower of Enchantment announced

F ire Emblem’s music tracks are getting a rock music makeover with a new album that has just been announced: Fire Emblem Music Collection: Session ~Flower of Enchantment~. 

Oh…makes sense! Fire Emblem’s all about the power of rawk, right?

A rock remix seems a slightly odd choice for the Fire Emblem‘s music tracks. It worked better with the beautiful piano makeover in the Fire Emblem Music Collection: Piano ~Faith & Engagement~ album.

You can decide for yourself whether it works or not by listening to the samples from the album in the video below.

I wonder how long it will be until we get the Fire Emblem country Western remix album? Flower of Enchantment is only slated for release in Japan, so you’ll need to import it.

Fire Emblem fans may also want to check out the Fire Emblem Heroes one year celebration event that’s currently happening. As well as a new Summon event, they’re giving away 50 Orbs. So it’s a good time to get back into it. There’s also a number of special event daily battles currently running where you can easily earn more Orbs.

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Fire Emblem Heroes (iOS/Android devices) is currently celebrating its one year anniversary. Lots of free Orbs, a special Hero Fest Summon & new quests await you.

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