Luminous Productions: Final Fantasy XV’s Director Opens New Square Enix Studio

Luminous Productions: Final Fantasy XV’s Director Opens New Square Enix Studio

The Director of Final Fantasy XV – Hajime Tabata – has opened a new Square Enix game studio. They’ll be working on AAA games. The studio is called Luminous Productions.

New Square Enix studio opened by Hajime Tabata: Luminous Productions

It’s a global studio, with its office based in Tokyo. The studio’s goal is to “utilize innovative technology and creativity to change the future of gaming and entertainment”. Sounds great but what games will they be working on? The next Final Fantasy or a new IP?

On the Luminous Productions website, job listings specify that the company is looking for talent to work on “AAA class games”. A 3D character artist listing mentions that they’ll work on “Human, monsters and asset creation of weapons and small items”. It sounds similar to Final Fantasy. So, will it be another RPG?

Well,  one job listing for a Project Manager says “the new challenge for the FINAL FANTASY XV team is to create a game and business model ’10 years ahead of its time.'” The advert’s wording implies that Luminous is currently made up of developers from the FFXV project.

Hajime Tabata Luminous Productions

Square Enix were asked what Luminous would be doing but their response was: “More information regarding new projects that Luminous Productions will be undertaking will come this year.” So, I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

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  1. Avatar elnawawi says:

    Sounds like a new take on RPG, which is always good to see them trying whether they success or not.

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