Final Fantasy XV Update 1.13 Now Live, Adds Magitek Suits, New Quests & Carnival

Final Fantasy XV Update 1.13 Now Live, Adds Magitek Suits, New Quests & Carnival

Today Square Enix has released update 1.13 for Final Fantasy XV that adds some new features to the game, including the now tongue in cheek Magitek exosuits.

Final Fantasy XV Update 1.13

The update had been delayed past its original release date due to the similarity between the Magitek suits and the Power Rangers. Yes, indeed. The new suits have been revised and no longer feature colors, instead they now sport a much more military like scheme. The suit will make you invincible for 30 minutes and improve your ability to fish. Once used, you cannot equip the suit again for a full 24 in-game hours.

Also added today were some new hunter quests, a co-op rush link system that lets you team up and do some heavy damage on stout foes and the usual litany of pesky bug fixes.

Reactivated in this update is the Moogle Chocobo Carnival, the whimsical event that made its way to the game earlier this year. It’s going to run from today until September and will let you engage in some diversionary activities and quests to earn some exclusive loot.

The Comrades multiplayer DLC closed test is going to be getting underway shortly and looks to be a robust online experience. More single player DLC is also on the way, so Final Fantasy XV is certainly not fading away anytime soon. Thoughts on the new update and upcoming content? Let us know in the comments!

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