Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition And PC Release Date Revealed

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition And PC Release Date Revealed

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition has just been announce by Square Enix for the Playstation 4, Xbox One, as well as Final Fantasy XV Window Edition for Windows (via Steam or Origin). Both editions will launch on March 6th of this year, and will include the following:

Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition & Window Edition Details

  • An all-new dungeon – Insomnia City Ruins: Expanded Map
  • New features such as first person mode, new gear, and new bosses.
  • Armiger Unleashed – after you collect all 13 royal arms, a more action-oriented mode of the Armiger is unlocked
  • Royal Vessel – the boat from FFXV is now a controllable vehicle. The same body of water (between Cape Caem and Altissia) can now be freely explored.
  • All season pass content – Episode Gladiolus, Episode Prompto, Multiplayer Expansion: Comrades, and Episode Ignis.
  • Over a dozen pieces of DLC, including weapons, Regalia car skins, and item sets.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition Graphics Details

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will also support is compatible with native 4K (3840 x 2160) resolution and HDR 10. Graphical options can also be configured to support up to 8K. Enjoy the ultimate FFXV experience in the highest resolution imaginable!

  • Supports native 4K (maximum 8K) resolution and HDR10
  • Mod support
  • High-resolution compatible display required for 4K/8K
  • Windows 10 Creators Update compatible display required for HDR10

Pricing & Screenshots

And that’s not all! The updates included in Final Fantasy XV Royal Edition will be available to anyone who currently owns Final Fantasy XV for the modest price of $19.99 USD.

Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition will launch for $49.99 USD, pre-orders begin February 1st. Players who pre-order the PC version will receive store-specific pre-order bonuses that you can check out on the official site.


Be sure to check out the Final Fantasy XV Wiki if you help or guidance and click here for more Final Fantasy XV content!


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