Final Fantasy XV Receives New Story Content!

Final Fantasy XV Receives New Story Content!

Announced on the games’s official Twitter account, Square Enix’s JRPG, Final Fantasy XV  recently received new story content, adding a new event to Chapter 12 in the game.

Final Fantasy XV – Expanded Story!

During an Active Time Report live-stream at the Tokyo Game Show 2017, Director Hajime Tabata revealed that they would continue to make new content for Final Fantasy XV  through 2018 in order to patch up plot holes in the game’s story.

With this recent update, Tabata hopes to bridge the events between the upcoming online-multiplayer expansion, Comrades  and Final Fantasy XV‘s  ending, in addition to fulfilling fans request for a more enriching story-line.

“What we’re trying to do with that is to depict that missing 10 years of history right at the end of the story,”  Said the Director

“If we had tried to do that as a traditional, full-scale sequel, that would have been very difficult,”  Tabata goes on, “but it works really well in [keeping] that continued relationship with fans.”

The latest update is now available for both the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms, and in this new addition it:

“explains the events that led to the War of the Astrals.”  Square Enix said.

Final Fantasy XV  is currently available on PS4 and Xbox One.

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A smartphone version dubbed, FFXV: Pocket Edition  is coming to iOS, Android and Windows devices in fall 2017. As for PC, there’s a FFXV: Windows Edition  launching for the platform via Steam in early 2018. Here are 4K screenshots of the upcoming PC version that you can check out!

In more FFXV news, Cook & Becker will release a 220-page Final Fantasy XV art-book showcasing the beautiful world of Eos, this winter. Noctis can now be equipped with this detailed rendition of a Cup Noodle for a helmet! Finally, don’t forget to join the limited timed-DLC event, “Assassin’s Festival that runs through January 31st, 2018.

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