Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto Official DLC Trailer Released by Square Enix

Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto Official DLC Trailer Released by Square Enix

Today, Square Enix has released the official trailer for Episode Prompto, the next chapter DLC for Final Fantasy XV. The DLC centers around Prompto and is the second of the episodic DLCs that explore the backstory of the characters, after March’s Episode Gladiolus. Check out the trailer:

Become the gunslinger Prompto and discover the truth of his origin featuring all-new FFXV third person shooter gameplay in FFXV Episode Prompto releasing on 27th June 2017.  Separated from the group and alone in an arctic environment, experience an untold story as Prompto fights to discover the truth behind his origins and to take control of his own fate. Shoot down enemies, ride the snowmobile, and snap selfies along the way as you play as Prompto for the very first time!

Prompto becomes quite the action star in this installment, and in the trailer one could call him Nathan Drake like if not for all the emotional screaming.

Check out a few shooter focused screenshots of the episode:

Episode Prompto launches on June 27th for the PS4 and Xbox One, alongside an update that adds the Regalia Type-D option that gives your car a monster truck like overhaul, making it easier for off road driving. Another episode that revolves around Ignis is still due as well as Comrades which will bring 4 person multiplayer to the game. Thoughts on the new DLC? Sound off in the comments!

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3 comments on “Final Fantasy XV: Episode Prompto Official DLC Trailer Released by Square Enix”

  1. Avatar Sidney_Losstarot says:

    Well…for me FF was dead since they released FFXIII but THIS is really an insult to the FF series…..what has it become ? A Call of Duty like ?? My god what a crap

  2. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    Jeez, harsh. This is a 5$ side DLC that’s only an hour or two long. During the base game you play as Noctis, who uses swords, magic and other weapons to fight. Playing as him is more hack and slash RPG, and the VAST majority of the game time is spent playing as him. I don’t think you even get to play as anyone else in the base game.

    These episode DLCs let you play as the party members. The first Episode had you play as Gladio. Despite using a greatsword, he played vastly differently than Noctis, complete with new mechanics. This Episode is about Prompto, who’s main focus is guns. Since using a gun as Noctis is boring AF it’s only natural that Prompto plays vastly differently, complete with new mechanics.

  3. Avatar dn1nd says:

    I’ll Try it I’ll probably like the story but hate the gameplay, Which will give me memories of Dirge of Cerberus.

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