Final Fantasy XV DLC To Introduce New Game Plus & More

Final Fantasy XV DLC To Introduce New Game Plus & More

Speaking during a Famitsu live stream, Final Fantasy XV director Hajime Tabata had some bits of information that fans of the game, which has shipped 5 million launch units, can expect in upcoming DLC.

The upcoming free Holiday Pack, which is set to release sometime before the end of this year will give players some new features, specifically New Game Plus and level cap creation. He didn’t elaborate on the details of either feature but we can anticipate a possible harder playthrough available after defeating the game once with its own unique wrinkles thrown in. Level cap creation sounds a lot more vague and could be a variety of things.


Additionally an exceptionally odd but hilarious boss fight with Square Enix president and CEO Yosuke Matsuda will also be coming to players as a boss fight. It’s been shown before in gag reel type livestreams and it seems fan response will bring it to the masses.


The game is out for 2 days and look at us already talking DLC! Such is the way of things! Enjoying the game? Don’t forget to check in with our quests, weapons, ascension, magic pages and more for everything you need!

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