Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer Will Receive a Second Beta Test

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer Will Receive a Second Beta Test

Last updated on August 7th, 2017

Square Enix has announced that the Final Fantasy XV Comrades multiplayer will receive a second beta test next week. The current beta test is running through August 8th, and the second round will run from August 11th to August 13th on PS4 and Xbox One. But to participate in the second test you have to download the client by August 8th. Players who have purchased the Season Pass or the Digital Premium Edition, or the Comrades DLC will have access to the test and can download the client from the Playstation and Xbox stores. You do need to have a live Xbox Live Gold or Playstation Plus subscription to access the test.

final fantasy xv multiplayer comrades

Final Fantasy XV Comrades Multiplayer Beta

The client will be receiving an update before the second test begins, so if you’ve been playing it this week, you can expect some changes or even additions for round 2. The closed beta allows you to create a character of your own and join up with 3 people for some online multiplayer. The beta has a limited amount of content compared to the full release. You won’t be leveling up, not all locations and weapons are included and there are a limited amount of quests and customization options.

There is no release date yet for the full Comrades DLC but it will probably land in our laps this fall, ahead of the final episodic DLC, Episode Ignis which is set to arrive in December. Beyond that, it’s unknown if Square Enix has any further DLC plans for the game, although their recent DLC survey seems to indicate they’re not done.

final fantasy xv multiplayer comrades

Rocking the Comrades beta? Thoughts on it so far? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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  1. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    Cool. More beta time is always nice, and it sounds like we won’t even have to download another game client.

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