Final Fantasy XIV Surpasses 10 Million Players Worldwide

Final Fantasy XIV Surpasses 10 Million Players Worldwide

Square Enix has announced today that their PS4 and PC MMORPG, Final Fantasy XIV has hit a new milestone and surpassed 10 million cumulative players worldwide.

Final Fantasy XIV Surpasses 10 Million Players Worldwide

This announcement comes after the successful release of their most recent expansion titled Stormblood, which expanded the game by adding 2 new jobs, a higher level cap, new lands to explore and more features. Subsequent patches have added raids, adjustments and further new features, infusing new life into the game and gaining new subscribers along the way.

The milestone coincides with the release of the new patch 4.06 which brings the Moonfire Faire seasonal event which we previewed last week. The event will give players some new quests to take on with a chance to earn new event items and gear. The light patch also makes a few adjustments to PvE and fixes of host of outstanding bugs/issues that had been floating around. You can read the nitty gritty notes here.

Thoughts on the new milestone for Final Fantasy XIV? Are you scouring through the Stormblood content as we speak? Be sure to sound off in the comments!

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