Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.01 Adds New Quests, Omega Raid, New Items and Job Changes

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.01 Adds New Quests, Omega Raid, New Items and Job Changes

Today, Square Enix has released a new patch for Final Fantasy XIV, that adds some new content and makes some changes to the game, following the recent Stormblood expansion for the MMO on PS4 and PC.

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.01 Highlights

The following are some of the highlights of the new patch. For the full notes, check out the official site.

  • New Chronicles of a New Era quests have been added.
  • The following actions and traits have been adjusted
    • Gladiator/Paladin
      • Savage Blade – Enmity effect has been increased.
      • Flash – Enmity effect has been increased.
    • Marauder/Warrior
      • Heavy Swing – TP cost has been reduced from 70 to 60.
      • Skull Sunder – Enmity effect has been increased.
      • Overpower – Enmity effect has been increased.
    • Dark Knight
      • Spinning Slash – Enmity effect has been increased.
      • Unleash – Enmity effect has been increased.
      • Bloodspiller – Potency has been increased from 380 to 400. Dark Arts potency has been increased from 520 to 540.
    • Ninja
      • Bhavacakra – Potency increased from 550 to 600.
    • Bard
      • Troubadour – Now affects both self and nearby party members.
  • The new raid dungeon Omega: Deltascape has been added.
    • Level Requirement: Disciple of War or Magic level 70
    • Item Level Requirement: Average item level 295 or above
    • Party Size: Eight players
    • Time Limit: 90 minutes
    • Treasure coffers that appear upon completing Omega: Deltascape will not yield gear, but instead yield tokens that can be traded for gear of your choosing. You can only receive one token per version (area) each week.
  • New items, mounts, achievements and minions have been added.

In addition a bunch of other bug fixes and tweaks to UI and adjustments to attributes, enemies and others.

It’s raid time! Thoughts on the new raid and adjustments to the jobs and more? If you’re new to the game and want to learn more about the newest expansion, be sure to check out our FFXIV: Stormblood Guide for an overview of the new content as well as a brief primer on the base game.

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