Final Fantasy XIV Gears Up For A New Deep Dungeon In Upcoming 6.x Patch

Final Fantasy XIV Gears Up For A New Deep Dungeon In Upcoming 6.x Patch

Director and Producer Naoki Yoshida confirmed that his team will be adding another new and highly anticipated Deep Dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV. This is due to the rising popularity of its roguelite elements since it was introduced in the Heavensward expansion several years ago.

  • Genre: MMORPG
  • Developed by: Square Enix
  • Published by: Square Enix
  • Release Date: TBD (Possibly this year as part of the Patch 6.0x series)
  • Price: TBD
  • Platforms: Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5

Final Fantasy 14 Gears Up For A New Deep Dungeon In Upcoming 6.x Patch

In the FanFest 2022 event held in Korea this weekend, both Naoki Yoshida and Content Director Masaki Nakagawa answered questions related to the design and combat mechanics of Final Fantasy XIV. However, the most telling piece of information they shared was the plan to add a brand new Deep Dungeons. This fan favourite will return in one of the 6.x patches after the release of the Endwalker Expansion. Will we see it soon when update version 6.1 releases this March or April? Only time will tell!

Final Fantasy XIV - 01

As translated by the official FFXIV Reddit Mod, Yoshida specifically claims, “We receive a tremendous amount of player voices from all around the world asking for a new Deep Dungeon, therefore we are indeed working on a new Deep Dungeon which we plan to release somewhere Patch 6.x, so please look forward to it.”

To make matters more exciting, Yoshida is expected to release a statement this coming February 18 to provide details on what’s about to come in FFXIV.

What Are Deep Dungeons?

Deep Dungeons are comprised of multiple, evolving floors. It has its own levelling progression system and equipment that is separate from the rest of FFXIV. What’s amazing with this game mode is you have the option to play it on your own or with friends so you’re not bound to wait for the other players to join you. It’s also very fun to participate in since you experience something different and new every time you go inside given that they’re also comprised of roguelite missions.

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In order to gain adequate experience, you’re going to have to fight the monsters you encounter along the way as you explore its caverns and rooms. Currently, Final Fantasy XIV features 2 Deep Dungeons, namely Palace of the Dead and Heaven-on-High.

Palace of the Dead was released during the Heavensward Expansion after several patches. It features 200 floors worth of content, which will take you from Level 1 to 60. Heaven-on-High, on the other hand, was introduced during the Stormblood Expansion. It’s much smaller in that there are only 100 floors to cover. But it should take your character from Level 61 to 70. Think of it as a continuation of Palace of the Dead. For either Deep Dungeon, you can only access higher floors if you haven’t died. You’re really going to enter these dungeons more frequently than you’d thought.

The Rest of the Interview

The other parts of the interview didn’t have enough to it. Fans asked Yoshida a range of questions on varying topics. Some of them included why don’t male Highlanders and male Roegadyn have eyebrows (Yoshida: they do, but it’s very faint). Fans also asked whether or not there will be larger bosses in the future. This is an idea that the team will look into. Yoshida also discussed some of his favourite boss battles in the game (his favourites are Sophia, Ozma and Eureka).

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Final Fantasy XIV Remains Ever Popular

The game is definitely still one of the top MMORPGs out there. Last year’s release of the Endwalker Expansion was so massive that Square Enix had to temporarily halt sales and limit Free Trial users. Fans literally wanted to throw money at Yoshida, but the servers couldn’t handle the influx of players.

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Final Fantasy and its expansions have since gone back on sale as of last month. New Data Centers were launched in Japan, North America and European regions. The new Oceanic data center was also established for players in Australia and New Zealand.

While it’s currently only on Windows, MacOS and PlayStation, Yoshida is still “quite positive” at the prospect of the popular MMO coming to Xbox. For the moment it is still uncertain whether deals with Microsoft have progressed thus far.

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