Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Ultimate Gathering Guide!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – Ultimate Gathering Guide!

Last updated on July 16th, 2017

Welcome to yet another Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Guide and this time we are focusing on the Gathering Classes as we chop, cut, hammer, dig and  our way to fame and fortune!


Gathering Guide for FFXIV

Gathering is what is used to describe the Gathering Classes in A Realm Reborn. Gatherers are essentially the bottom of the food-chain in the Eorzean economy: they provide all the raw materials that Crafting Classes can turn into useful goods and services. There are three Gathering Classes in A Realm Reborn: Botanist, Miner and Fisher. Here is a list of what Crafting Classes each Gathering Class supplies.

  • Botanist: Weavers, Carpenters, Culinarians, Leatherworkers.
  • Miners: Blacksmiths, Armorsmiths, Alchemists, Goldsmiths.
  • Fishers: Alchemists, Culinarians.

How to start Gathering in FFXIV?


In order to start Gathering you need to choose a Gathering Class. In order to choose a Gathering Class you must first complete your level 10 Main Story Quest which unlocks the Armoury System. Once you have done this you should head to one of the three Gathering Class Guilds and unlock the class!

  • The Botanist Guild is located in Gridania (Old Gridania)
  • The Miners Guild is located in Ul’dah (Steps of Thal)
  • The Fishers Guild is located in Limsa Lominsa (Lower Decks)

STOP! Before you go any further you should check that you have completed the level 17 Main Story Quest (Scions of the Seventh Dawn) in order to gain access to the Retainer System and thus the Markets so you can start selling materials that you have gathered to other players on the Market.

How do I Gather?


As this guide is focusing on Botany and Mining as they are the two main Gathering Classes the first step is to equip the ‘Triangulate‘ or ‘Prospect‘ skill which you gain at level 1. ffxiv-gathering-guide-triangulate

With this skill you should now be able to see Gathering Nodes appearing on your minimap – now inspect one of these.


1. Item preview: Here is the item preview of what you’re trying to gather, along with its name on the far right. You can highlight the picture to see the tool-tip.

2. Gathering Chance: The chance you will successfully gather a no quality version of the material. This is increased by level and the Gathering stat.

3. High-Quality Chance: The chance that you will successfully gather a high quality version of the material. This is increased by level and the Perception stat. Note that there is never a minimum 1% chance, if your perception is lower than the item levels minimum perception needed, as pictured above, you will have zero chance to gather a high quality material.

4. Item Level: An materials level is an indicator of its difficulty to gather (both no or high quality). Naturally, the higher it is – the more difficult.

Each node naturally has a lifespan of 6 strikes. Meaning you can attempt to gather 6 times from any given node, whether you choose to gather 6 different items, or 6 of the same item – it doesn’t matter.

Important Additional Information:

New nodes are made available for you to see for each five levels. Note that there is no way around this. No matter what type of gear you have, you simply cannot see nodes above your gathering level.

You do not have to rush to gathering nodes in fear of other people getting there first, each person has their own nodes.


Gathering Gear and Important Stats


GP: Increases GP, which is used to cast gathering skills.
Gathering: Increases chance to gather an item successfully.
Perception: Increases chance to gather a high quality item.

These are mostly gained through better fieldcraft gear and by levelling up!

Levelling to 50!


The most affective way of levelling a Gathering Class to level 50 is by doing Guildleves. Guildleves are (limited) repeatable quests handed out by a Levemete, there are Levemete’s in the 3 cities and in Aetheryte Camps all over Eorzea.

Players gain 3 Levequest allowances every 12 hours, earth time. Leve allowances stack up to 100.

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