Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – How To Get Your Chocobo Mount!

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn – How To Get Your Chocobo Mount!

Last updated on July 16th, 2017

Welcome to yet another Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Guide and this time the focus is upon the iconic Chocobo and more importantly how to be able to get one of your own in Final Fantasy XIV!


What Are The Requirements to own a Chocobo in FFXIV?

  1. You must be at least Level 20
  2. You should have completed the Level 20 story quest ‘Hero in the Making
  3. You must be part of a Grand Company. Complete the quest ‘The Company you Keep
  4. Finish the quest ‘My Little Chocobo’ given by your Company Commander.

Once you have chosen a Grand Company and have completed the quest ‘Hero in the Making’ you then have another quest open up called ‘My Little Chocobo’ however in order to complete that quest you must obtain a Chocobo License from your Grand Company, this costs 2000 Grand Company Seals. *PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL MOUNTS REQUIRE A CHOCOBO LICENSE*


But How Do I Get 2000 Grand Company Seals!?

There are two effective methods of achieving 2000 Grand Company Seals: FATE’s and Grand Company Levequests.

Once you have joined a Grand Company you will notice that FATE’s now give Grand Company Seals in addition to Gil and EXP. You can if you wish farm level appropriate FATE’s until you acquire 2000 Seals.

Alternatively you can if you have the allowance perform Grand Company Levequests which become available once you have joined a Grand Company. These Levequests can be found at the following:

  • Moraby Drydocks in Lower La Noscea (If you’re a member of the Maelstrom Grand Company.)
  • Hawthorn Hut in East Shroud (If you’re a member of the Order of the Twin Adder Grand Company.)
  • Camp Drybone in Eastern Thanalan (If you’re a member of the Immortal Flames Grand Company.)


How Do Summon My Chocobo!?

Once you have completed the quest ‘My Little Chocobo‘ you will receive the quest reward.


The Chocobo Whistle is finally yours!

  • The Chocobo Whistle will be placed in your inventory. Once you use it however it will disappear and cannot be used again. DON’T PANIC!
  • Go to your Actions and Traits Menu and select the Mounts tab. Here you will see the ability to summon your Company Chocobo. Assign it to your hotbar and there you have it!

Additional Notes

  • You can dismount your Chocobo by simply using the summon ability whilst mounted.
  • Chocobo’s cannot be used in Cities, Dungeons or any kind of instanced content. (Only Housing and PvP are the exception to this rule.)
  • Enemies will still detect you whilst you’re riding your Chocobo.
  • If enough damage is dealt by enemies whilst mounted your Chocobo will flee.


In Final Fantasy XIV Chocobo’s are not only used as mounts however …

Your Chocobo as a ‘Companion’

In Final Fantasy XIV your Chocobo can be summoned to fight alongside you and becomes a member of your Party. This too requires some steps to access this particular feature. Firstly you must be a Level 30 Combat class to unlock the quest ‘My Feisty Little Chocobo‘ which is available in Camp Tranquil in the South Shroud. Once you have completed this quest you will require a particular item to summon your Chocobo into combat:


Buy Gysahl from vendors in any city

Now you have a handy Companion to assist you in your adventures. Your Chocobo can still be used as a mount when it is in combat and has a limited use (30 minutes real time) before you have to re-summon him with more Gysahl Greens. The Gysahl Greens can be purchased from vendors in each City.

You will notice that as you fight and kill enemies with your Chocobo in your Party that the Chocobo will also gain EXP. This EXP can be used to gain new abilities for your Chocobo so he/she can be more efficient in combat. Here is a more detailed summary of the Companion System and how it works in a very useful video from mrhappy:

And that is it for this time. Remember to leave and questions or feedback in the comment section below. See you guys and girls in the next Final Fantasy XIV Guide!

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