Final Fantasy VII Remake Unveils New Screenshots of Wall Market Characters and Locations

Final Fantasy VII Remake Unveils New Screenshots of Wall Market Characters and Locations

Square Enix has revealed some new screenshots featuring the Wall Market and characters from upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake.

Final Fantasy VII Remake Unveils New Screenshots of Wall Market Characters and Locations

Square Enix have dropped a multitude of screenshots for upcoming Final Fantasy VII Remake which show off the Wall Market and further locations. We also get to see profiles of character Tseng, Don Corneo and new characters.  So far only a Japanese press release has been shared (which thanks to a Dualshockers translation) reveals a few details about each of the characters.


A stern leader of the Turks, an investigation unit for the shady Shinra Electric Power Company.

He has been keeping an eye on Aerith ever since she moved to the Midgar slums.

Don Corneo

Done Corneo is the de facto ruler of Wall Market, and described as pervert character who hold regular “Mrs. Corneo” auditions to have his pick of women who will accompany him for the night. While sleazy in appearance, he is not to be underestimated as his wit is enough to handle the thugs in the city and take the top position of the underworld society.

Aniyan Kunyan

A dancer and the owner of the Honey Bee Inn located at the Wall Market, he’s one of the main figures in the entertainment district and proxies the “Mrs. Corneo” auditions. An entertainer who embodies beauty in both mind and body.

Leslie Kyle

Leslie Kyle is one of Don Corneo’s closest underlings, helping him rule the Wall Market. Although young, he has great negotiation skills and keeps a strict poker face. His cold gaze hints of a past where he has lost everything.

Madam M

Meet Madam M, owner of a massage parlor in Wall Market. She is one of the proxies for the “Mrs. Corneo” audition. She does her job with pride and expects the same respect from her customers. She also never misses an opportunity to make a profit.

Chocobo Sam

Owner of the shed in Wall Market, Sam is another one of the proxie for the “Mrs. Corneo” auditions. He is an expert when it comes to sightseeing. Now an entrepreneur by starting his own “Sam’s Delivery” service, delivering good with the use of a chocobo-pulled cart. A Compulsive Gambler that seeks a thrill in life.


We also get a closer look at a couple locations in FF7 which include the Wall Market and Coreno Colosseum.

Wall Market

A red-light district situated in Midgar, created where the Sixth Plate fell. The Shinra Electric Company has no ruling over this domain, and instead is run by Don Corneo. Called the Wall Market due is its surrounding walls full of lawlessness and danger. Those who venture forward can do every night in seek of pleasure not found elsewhere.

Corneo Colosseum

The Corneo Colosseum is a place of underground battles, where there are no rules and it’s not just humans who take part in the fights. Entering the coliseum gives a chance to win rewards for taking on the challenge.

Honey Bee Inn

A nightclub that puts on a show each night featuring the Bee Girls and Bee Boys that perform the most glamorous shows. There are also multiple private rooms, each with certain tastes to attend to. Customers can also play with a girl or boy that caught their eye during the show. The slogan of this high-class nightclub: “melting, sweet nights await you”.

New Outfits and the Beginner’s Hall

Screenshots also show off each outfit that Aerith, Tifa and Cloud will wear to infiltrate Corneo’s. There are several options for each character to wear.

Beginner’s Hall

A place to upgrade your weapons, the Beginner’s Hall has it’s own weapon store on the first floor and a second is located on the second floor of one of Avalanche’s hangout.

Those are all the screenshots shared, but Square Enix also recently revealed that Red XIII won’t be a playable character.

We recently got a chance to check out the demo free on Playstation 4, and also have an Impressions video if you want to know what our thoughts were on gameplay and even classic mode. FF7 Remake has been a long time coming and will release in parts, the first arriving this April and has gone gold, which means it’s all set for its release.

Final Fantasy VII Remake will release on April 10th on Playstation 4.

If you’ll be adventuring to Midgar, be sure to drop by our Final Fantasy VII Remake wiki for all the latest info. You can also find out a full list of characters here as well.


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