Final Fantasy Type-Next Announced

Final Fantasy Type-Next Announced

Last updated on August 7th, 2015



At the launch event of Final Fantasy Type-0 HD held in Hong Kong on March 19th, Director of Type-0, Hajime Tabata, revealed early concept art of a new Final Fantasy project titled ‘Type-Next.’ Very little detail of the new project was revealed beyond Tabata stating that work related to this project would not begin until he and the rest of his team finished their work on Final Fantasy XV.




No platform, release date or even what relationship it has to Type-0 has been announced. However with the character Ace being used in the promotional artwork it appears that it is some sort of sequel to the game recently re-released in a HD remaster on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is also unknown if this is the scrapped PlayStation 4 project that Hajime Tabata and his team was working on before they were moved on by Square Enix to take over the development of Final Fantasy XV.




What is notable is that the setting has hugely changed. Type-Next appears from the concept art to be thematically centred around Feudal Japan. Although this is in line with Square Enix’s vision for the Type series, with the series being used to create ‘experimental titles’ which would not be able to feature in the numerical main series of Final Fantasy. It is an interesting contrast to the usual approach and it remains to be seen if this style will even be chosen. Taking this all into account it appears that Hajime Tabata has got the green light to go ahead with his Type series from Square Enix, however with the no work on the project being performed on the title until XV’s completion it would appear that any further details are a long, long way from surfacing. When and if any more surfaces, Fextralife will continue to keep you up to date with this and all Final Fantasy titles.


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