Final Fantasy Characters Appearing in Everybody’s Golf

Final Fantasy Characters Appearing in Everybody’s Golf

As a part of Final Fantasy’s 30th year anniversary celebrations, Final Fantasy characters are making cameos in other games. This includes some rather odd choices…such as Everybody’s Golf.

Everybody’s Golf to feature Final Fantasy characters

The Final Fantasy characters who will be making an appearance in Everybody’s Golf are Chocobo and Moogle. The chocobos will be an optional replacement for the standard golf cart. As an added bonus, they’ll be able to do things that a normal golf cart can’t, such as gliding and jumping.

The Moogle’s appearance is limited to a costume you can wear which will make you look like a Moogle.

Final Fantasy Everybody's Golf

Here’s a look at the Chocobo’s appearance in Everybody’s Golf. The picture also features a commemorative Final Fantasy golf cart, with the Final Fantasy logo on it. You can also see someone wearing the Moogle costume riding the Chocobo. 

In addition to the Chocobo and the Moogle costume, you will also be able to unlock a golf cart that has the Final Fantasy logo on it. They’re also adding Cactuar-based avatar clothing – a jacket and a cap. The Chocobo won’t be a free addition. It’s being priced at ¥54 (approx $8.50). The Moogle costume and the Cactuar Clothing will be awarded to anybody who takes part in the Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Tournament that they’ll be holding in Everybody’s Golf. The golf cart with the Final Fantasy logo on it will be free to download.

final fantasy everybody's golf

Is it just me or does this keen golfer from Everybody’s Golf look like she’s trying to club the Chocobo with her golf club? That’s just not cricket!

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