Final Fantasy 7 Remake Confirmed and “In Development”

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Confirmed and “In Development”

While there was no announcement at this year’s E3 2018 for the remake of Final Fantasy 7, we do have a confirmation that the project is being worked on.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Confirmed and “In Development”

In an interview with IGN, Tetsuya Nomura the director of Final Fantasy 7 shared that the project is still going ahead.

It’s not just in the early concept stages…We are actually in development.

There has been some readjustment with the remake as last year they switched from developing the project in an external studio with CyberConnect 2 and decided to move it in-house.

Currently Nomura’s focus is both on Kingdom Hearts 3 which was announce to release in January 2019 and the Final Fantasy 7 remake.

So right now, I’ve been putting 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts and 100 percent into Final Fantasy 7 and 100 percent into Kingdom Hearts and going back and forth.

This is all the news we’ve had since the title was first announced at E3 2015 with a few scenes from a trailer. But it’s good to know that this project has not slipped through the cracks and still a focus for Square Enix.

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4 comments on “Final Fantasy 7 Remake Confirmed and “In Development””

  1. Avatar Lich180 says:

    By the time this remake comes out, FF16 will be out.

  2. Avatar qeter says:

    2022 man.

  3. Avatar JaKeJoKeR1986 says:

    FFVII Advent Children movie has alot of potential attributes for Game design…
    ~MMORPG: ESO Unlimited
    ~Ps4GT JaKe_JoKeR1986

  4. Avatar Sidney_Losstarot says:

    It had to come out on July 2017……we are at July 2018 and it’s still in development……

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