Final Fantasy 14 Surpasses 24 Million Players and Is The Most Profitable Final Fantasy Game in the Franchise

Final Fantasy 14 Surpasses 24 Million Players and Is The Most Profitable Final Fantasy Game in the Franchise

Square Enix have announced a new milestone for the MMORPG Final Fantasy 14 which has now gain over 24 million players and is now the most profitable Final Fantasy game in the series.

Final Fantasy 14 Surpasses 24 Million Players and Is The Most Profitable Final Fantasy Game in the Franchise

Final Fantasy 14 has garnered quite a lot of interest in the past few months but now has gained another milestone with surpassing over 24 million players. This also makes the MMORPG the most profitable game in the series according to Naoki Yoshida, the director during a recent press preview event for Endwalker.

During the digital preview event, Yoshida revealed the player count has reached 24 million, 11 years after the initial release of Final Fantasy 14. Yoshida shared some interesting stats, with the game reaching 4 million registered players in 2015, and then hit 10 million by the time Stormblood was released in 2017. The game since then has picked up speed doubling its number of players in the next four years.

This success didn’t come without struggle as Yoshida pointed out “how hard things were for us with the original Final Fantasy 14”, but also mentions how they were able to “transform the title” making it one of the major contributors to the company’s profits. But it won’t stop there as the director shared they will continue to invest in FF14 and “spare no expense with our investments”.

Final Fantasy 14 has a bumpy humble beginning, ultimately getting a revamp releasing a transformed version nuking the world, hence the title A Realm Reborn. Since then the MMORPG has picked up a number of newer players especially recently with many jumping ship from WoW and those curious about the fantasy world.

Recently diving into Final Fantasy 14 once again myself, curious to see why so many players have found solace in this MMO and stuck it out through A Realm Reborn (which doesn’t have the best praise, apparently the later expansions is where the game shines), I actually found the MMORPG excels in many ways. It’s also quite helpful that FF14 is quite generous for newer players as they can jump in for free up to level 60 and not being restricted to choosing only one class per character. It’s down to a number of factors that the game has continued to grow its player base, and I think that’s greatly to do with the developers listening to their community.

Final Fantasy 14 will be receiving its next major expansion Endwalker next month gaining two new jobs the healer Sage and DPS melee class Reaper. Yoshida also shared that they are looking forward to the next ten years and thanked players for sticking by them.

Final Fantasy 14 is available on PC, Playstation 5 and Playstation 4. Endwalker the next expansion will be releasing on November 23rd 2021.

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