Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy Becomes Xbox One Backwards Compatible

Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy Becomes Xbox One Backwards Compatible

Last updated on November 15th, 2018

It was a busy Final Fantasy news week last week, with many updates concerning Final Fantasy XV and whispers of Final Fantasy 7. This week Microsoft announces backwards compatibility for Final Fantasy XIII at X018 starting November 13th 2018.

Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy Becomes Xbox One Backwards Compatible

Originally released in 2010 Final Fantasy XIII made its way to Xbox 360. Featuring Lightning, its female lead and adding new innovations to the Final Fantasy combat system known as Paradigm, allowing players to change their strategies even mid-fight.

At X018 Microsoft’s Xbox One showcase, they announced that all three Final Fantasy XIII games would be backwards compatible for Xbox One. Meaning if you still own the original disc, it will be playable now on the Xbox One. If you don’t own a physical copy, you can still play the trilogy by downloading it from the Xbox store come November 13th.

While meeting mixed reviews Final Fantasy XIII had a sequel, Final Fantasy XIII-2 which did predominately better than it’s predecessor. After that came Lightning Return: Final Fantasy XIII which didn’t do as well as the previous.

These aren’t the only Final Fantasy games coming to Xbox One, as it was previously announced back in September that other titles such as FFVII, FFX-X2 and FFXII would be playable too.

Final Fantasy XIII will be playable on Xbox One on November 13th 2018.

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