Fextralife’s Top 10 Upcoming RPGs of 2018

2018 promises to be a year full of innovative and heavy hitting RPGs for fans. From luminary studio and publisher pairings, to indie startups and do it yourself darlings. The RPG genre is again, positioned to be one of the most diverse genres in gaming for the coming year. What follows is a list of our Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of the year, and you’ll see that while they all share a common genre, their perspectives, scopes and gameplay are all incredibly unique. Watch the video above for a visual tour de force or read on and let’s take a journey through all of the games that are invading our thoughts and dreams the most.

Honorable Mention

 The Lost Sphear

Release Date:  January 23rd, 2018
Platforms:  PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam
Developed by:  Tokyo RPG Factory
Published by:  Square Enix


And now for our honorable mention. Lost Sphear  is the latest game from studio Tokyo RPG Factory in their venture of preserving nostalgia, and is the spiritual sequel to I Am Setsuna.  The game houses a unique and compelling narrative that tells a tale of a world formed by Memories. Which are slowly being Lost and will eventually lead to its demise. And this is where players come in as Kanata, a special individual with the power of “Memory”. An ability that can restore what was once lost.

The game features the traditional JRPG turn-based combat, but adds in some twists to the flair. Lost Sphear  has an engaging ATB, or Active Time Battle system inspired by the classic Chrono Trigger,  which allows a player to maneuver and position characters on-screen in real-time for maximum damage and effectiveness. The game also features powerful mech suits called “Vulcosuits” that brings in new dynamics to the table during and off combat with their “Paradigm Drive” abilities. Lost Sphear  will launch on PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PC via Steam in January 23rd, 2018.

10. BioMutant

Release Date:  2018
Platforms:  PlayStation 4,  Xbox One,  PC via Steam
Developed by:  Experiment 101
Published by:  THQ Nordic


First up is one of 2017’s biggest surprises, BioMutant.  An upcoming action-RPG set in a post-apocalyptic world by Experiment 101, a studio comprised of industry veterans. The game stars a furry Rocket Racoon type creature whose abilities and appearances are highly customizable, or mutatable. Apart from acquiring equipment, players can also construct their own weapons from scraps and materials found in throughout the game.

They will venture into a large open world playground that’s teeming with unusual beasts of many sizes, with deep underground areas and tall mountains to explore as well. Furthermore, factions exists in the title in the form of the Yin and Yang clans; whose fates and the world’s, can be influenced by the player’s choices. BioMutant  is expected sometime in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

09. Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom

Release Date:  March 23rd, 2018
Platforms:  PlayStation 4,  PC via Steam
Developed by:  Level-5
Published by:  Level-5,  Bandai Namco Entertainment


Set centuries after the first game, Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom  will entrust players with the role of the young boy king, Evan. Who is usurped from his throne as its rightful heir and is on the quest reclaim the crown. The turn-based RPG sequel will introduce various new modes such as the Kingdom Building feature that allows you to forge your own dominion by way of raising structures, recruitment, trading and the like.

And a thorn on the usurper and threat to nearby power, players will also engage in skirmish battles in a Pikmin-like fashion. These new modes layers in another game alongside the usual questing, looting and monster raising from its predecessor. Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom  will come to PlayStation 4 and PC over Steam on March 23rd, 2018.

08. Valkyria Chronicles 4

Release Date:  March 21, 2018
Platforms:  PlayStation 4,  Xbox One,  Nintendo Switch
Developed by:  Sega
Published by:  Sega


Valkyria Chronicles 4  returns to its former glory by finally bringing back the Valkyria Chronicles  franchise to home consoles eversince its original 2008 debut on the PS3. This time, SEGA will dispatch the tactical-RPG for the Xbox One and Nintendo Switch systems, in addition to Sony’s PlayStation 4. The game will once again bring players back to the Second Europan War, but will recount the heroic acts of a new cast of characters from the Federation’s front against the onslaught of Imperial forces.

Aside from fresh faces, Valkyria Chronicles 4  will include an all-new Grenadier class that can flush out enemies with their lethal long-ranged projectile attacks. And a new “Brave” system, which, when activated autonomously by chance, gives a dying soldier a fighting chance. The fight to decide the fate of the Europan continent will being on March 21st, 2018.

07. Vampyr

Release Date:  Q1/Q2 2018
Platforms:  PlayStation 4,  Xbox One,  PC
Developed by:  Dontnod Entertainment
Published by:  Focus Home Interactive


From the good folks behind the episodic graphic adventure, Life is Strange,  comes Vampyr.  A dark and gritty action role-playing game themed around blood-sucking vampires. Set in a fictionalized version of Victorian-era London, you’ll step into the shoes of Dr. Jonathan Reid who becomes stricken with Vampirism. And struggling to come to terms with his new plight, he will be faced with moral decisions between satiating his bloodlust, which gives him power, and sparing his potential victims, which can lead to saving the city.

London will also see its share of Vampire Hunters that players will have to watch out for. And will have an arsenal of weapons and abilities at their disposal that includes various weapons and traps, and one of Reid’s innate vampiric abilities; “Spring”, that can teleport them at a certain distance. Vampyr  will sink its teeth sometime in early 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC by way of Steam.

06. Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Release Date:  February 13, 2018
Platforms:  PlayStation 4,  Xbox One,  PC on Windows & Linux Operating Systems
Developed by:  Warhorse Studios
Published by:  Warhorse Studios, Deep Silver


Brought to life by Warhorse Studios, Kingdom Come: Deliverance  was met with awe in its initial reveal. Displaying a sense of freedom, realism, and historical accuracy all set in a vast open world of Czech’s medieval times of 1403. This upcoming single-player focused game incorporates a host of complex mechanics such as its emergent gameplay; where player choices and actions branch out far into their own realm, and realistic combat systems that takes into account the various angles, weight and impact between combatants. The title will also feature faithful renditions of real-world castles, armor, clothing, NPC mannerisms and more. Kingdom Come: Deliverance  releases on February 13th, 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and for PC on Windows and Linux operating systems.

05. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire

Release Date: Q1/Q2 2018
Platforms:  PC on Windows, Mac & Linux Operating Systems
Developed by:  Obsidian Entertainment
Published by:  Versus Evil

A direct follow-up to one of the most engrossing CRPGs in recent memory, Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire,  from Obsidian Entertainment brings players to the Deadfire Archipelago in pursuit of Eothas, a powerful god of light and rebirth. As in the original title, players will once again take the part of a Watcher, who has the ability to read the memories and souls of others – in both their present and past lives. Pillars 2  will see some old companions return, in addition to new ones that you can choose from.

It will feature an immersive world, breathing with life and dynamic weather. And new gameplay elements like the new Multiclassing mechanic that allows players to adopt a second class with most of its perks and abilities, among many others. Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire  is planned for a 2018 release on PC for Windows, Mac and Linux systems.

4. Titan Quest Remastered

Release Date:  March 2018
Platforms:  PlayStation 4,  Xbox One, Nintendo Switch
Developed by:  Iron Lore
Published by:  THQ Nordic


In a shocking series of events Titan Quest: the decade old hack’n slash RPG by THQ Nordic, is being remastered and coming to consoles in March of 2018! Titan Quest is an isometric top-down ARPG that follows the same formula ad Diablo, replacing the mythos of demons and angels instead of that with the Greeks and Egyptians. Players will battle all sorts of monster and creatures not seen since high school as they progress there way to the ultimate showdown with a giant Titan. The game has 3 difficulty modes, allowing for successive play throughs that unlock even more potent loot and higher difficulty and unique monsters like the Hydra and Manticore.

Titan Quest features outstanding character customization and variety, making for nearly endless replayability. Large skill trees, that have different play styles contained within them, can also be paired together to create hybrid Classes for even more flexibility regulated only by your imagination. If you’ve never played the game this is a must buy for fans of the genre. Did we mention that the game will also be 2-6 player co op online? This means you can face the hordes of Hades with your bffs!

03. Kingdom Hearts III

Release Date:  2018
Platforms:  PlayStation 4,  Xbox One
Developed by:  Square Enix
Published by:  Square Enix

Kingdom Hearts 3

After a plethora of spin-offs and re-releases, Kingdom Hearts 3  will finally be debuting in 2018 having been initially announcement all the way back in 2013. Fans yearning for a true sequel to Disney’s and Square Enix’s crossover franchise can rest a little easy. The third mainline installment will see a host of new Worlds from recent Disney properties for players to adventure in, such as San Fransokyo from Big Hero 6,  the Kingdom of Corona from Tangled, Toy Story’s  universe, and many more. Kingdom Hearts 3’s  gameplay will also see new ingredients added to its core including parkour such as wall running, new enemy types, summons, more Keyblade animations and so on. The game will be playable on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms.


Release Date:  2018
Platforms:  PlayStation 4,  Xbox One,  PC via Steam
Developed by:  Bandai Namco Studios
Published by:  Bandai Namco Entertainment

Next on our list is another vampire game. Some hate it, some love it, while others are indifferent. The souls-like label will continue onward through this upcoming anime-souls, action-RPG, CODE VEIN.  Being realized by the team behind the GOD EATER  franchise, CODE VEIN  takes a spin on the Soulsian genre and establishes a dark and brooding world inhabited by powerful immortal vampires called Revenants. The game sports the usual weighted attacks and movement, but introduces a couple of interesting new components with its Blood Veils; special gear that can draw blood and dish out damage, and the optional companion system that has an ally aid players and compliment their battle prowess. It’ll also feature animation by notable Japanese studio, Ufotable and music from Japanese rock duo, Vamps. CODE VEIN  is looking to be promising and is expected sometime in early 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Steam.

01. Monster Hunter: World

Release Date:  January 26, 2018
Platforms:  PlayStation 4,  Xbox One,  PC via Steam
Developed by:  Capcom
Published by:  Capcom


If there’s something to take away from everything we’ve seen from Monster Hunter: World,  it’s that this upcoming installment just exudes a sense of breaking out by being bigger, more open, and far more adventurous. Another way of putting it, is that it looks refreshing. Retaining its core gameplay while streamlining its mechanics, in way of doing away with the various obscurities, MH: World  will no doubt be the global breakout hit the franchise deserves. This action-RPG will feature a number of vast locales, each of which, are living worlds, complete with their own organic ecosystems crawling with an array of species. As well as its many monsters to hunt inclunding the fierce Rathalos, Anjanath, Nergigante and more. This much-anticipated game from Capcom is one that is waiting to be explored and experienced. Monster Hunter: World  will launch on the 26th of January 2018 for PlayStation 4,  Xbox One,  PC via Steam.

Looking Ahead

2018 is set up well for fans of great gaming, and we’ve only just scratched the surface. Keep hanging with us as the year unfurls, and we’ll keep bringing the quality content you’ve come to expect from us on all of these games. Thanks for taking the journey with us through our most anticipated games of the year and be sure to let us know what you’re most looking forward to!

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