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Fextralife’s Most Wanted: Gwent E3 2016

We just finished our hands on demo of Gwent with developer CD Projekt Red at E3 and wanted to take a moment to go into some details on what players can expect from this forthcoming and exciting card game.

gwent screen 1

After a brief presentation on the mechanics of the game we were given the opportunity to square off against a live opponent. Following the game, we had a chance to sit down with Development Director Ben Lee and Animator Brad Auty. A full transcript of the interview will be coming, but in the interim here are some of the game’s highlights:

Gwent Details

  • It is a free to play experience, with players able to purchase card packs to flesh out their decks. The game will come with enough free cards at launch for players to construct decks.
  • The game will not just be a multiplayer experience. It will feature single player campaigns that flesh out the story of the Witcher universe. There is an overworld exploration mode where the player actually controls Geralt and moves around the map, investigating situations which trigger battles. Players can earn cards as they progress.
  • The game will modify some of the mechanics present in the version in the Witcher game.
  • The game will not feature a player trade system. Players can earn their cards either by purchasing card packs or completing in game campaigns and winning matches. You don’t have to spend money to play the game. There may be future campaigns released.

gwent screen 3

We really enjoyed our time playing a match against our opponents and are really excited to get our hands on this game! The interface is beautifully designed with animated cards and a very impressive overworld mode. We were impressed by the attention to detail presented in the game. You’re not just booting up and launching a game. This is a full experience that players are really going to enjoy diving into. The mechanics are deep but there is not a complex barrier for newcomers. The squaring off against a human opponent adds a lot of tension and exhilaration. After my session, I reached across and enthusiastically shook hands with my opponent after an intense best of 3 match.

gwent screen 2

There is an upcoming beta on Xbox One and PC that players can register for by visiting their website. One for PS4 will come soon after. Keep checking back with us this E3 week and beyond as we follow the development of this game towards release!

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  1. >

    Okay then, that changes everything. While I don’t think the human element would change the experience too much given how I find the AI to be quite intelligent on hard and some humans to be quite……..simple, the fact that the cards and rules are functionally different makes it sound like a game that could be a great multiplayer experience.

  2. Keep in mind the human element though. Where in the Witcher you’re playing against AI, playing against a person today was a completely different experience. The feints and deception were just a little more involved. Also, the game’s mechanics are completely changed from the Witcher version, balanced and adjusted for a more serious multiplayer setting. The cards we saw were also completely different in how they behaved from in the Witcher game. This is basically a brand new experience.

  3. I love the game in the Witcher 3, but I’m not excited for this game given how Gwent works. It’s a lot like Yu-Gi-Yo(I think I spelled that right). The strategy mostly comes from how you build the deck and what cards you have, which can lead to meta decks that if you don’t use, you will be destroyed. Once I got the right cards in the main game, even on the hardest Gwent difficulty, I would win 99% of my Gwent games using more or less the same strategy, regardless of what cards my opponent used and what they did.

    This is of course assuming this version of Gwent will eventually function the same as it does in the main game.

  4. It’s pretty impressive. We were blown away during the presentation to say the least. This dev doesn’t half ass anything, people are going to love it.

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