FextraLife Bonfire Online Shop: Show Your Support With T-Shirts, Mugs, Phone Cases & More

FextraLife Bonfire Online Shop: Show Your Support With T-Shirts, Mugs, Phone Cases & More


Do you love hanging out at FextraLife and want to help support all the great gaming wiki, article, video and community goodness found here? Of course you do, that’s why you’re reading this after all! Well in addition to our VIP membership program, we now have a new way to help the machinations of the Fexus turn through our FextraLife Bonfire Shop!

Head on over to that link above and you can check out an assortment of FextraLife themed goods all from the convenience of online shopping. Here’s a quick sample of what you can get:

These aren’t just your run of the mill items and accessories. In addition to t-shirts and hoodies, you can grab a dress, bed cover, clock, mug, throw pillow (sleep with us…), laptop skins, phone cases, notebooks, bags and more.

We will be adding new designs as the weeks go, so keep the page saved for later reference, since you’ll want to collect them all.

We also have a companion Teespring campaign going right now that features the same shirt with the FextraLife logo and “no rest for the wiki’d” tagline on the back. There is a little more than 4 days left to grab those!

As always, thank you for all of your support and for being a part of the best community in gaming!

Check out the FextraLife Bonfire Shop


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8 comments on “FextraLife Bonfire Online Shop: Show Your Support With T-Shirts, Mugs, Phone Cases & More”

  1. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    Perhaps a return of this?

    The power of Karekrow compels you!

  2. Avatar Castielle says:

    I second Skare’s shirt


  3. Avatar Fexelea says:

    lol skare.

    We put the "no rest for th wiki’d" on the tshirt back haha

  4. Avatar skarekrow13 says:

    I’ll admit that’s a great quote to use (not that I’m biased or anything). Imagine the majesty of a sky blue shirt and a giant Karekrow right in everyone’s face. BAM!

    Again, not that I’m biased or anything.

    Kidding aside, the merch is pretty sweet

  5. Avatar Emergence says:

    I bought my laptop skin yesterday. Can’t wait to slap it on.

  6. Avatar Emergence says:

    This didn’t bump the other thread so reposting here.

    Just came in.

  7. Avatar Nahztek-Shadowpath says:

    Make an all black hoodie with just the Fextralife logo on it (small and stylish), and I’ll order it.

  8. Avatar Fexelea says:

    That laptop thing looks awesome! I’ll have to get it.

    Will look into making more stuff after E3 :D

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