Fextralife at E3 2017: Schedule, Game Coverage & More!

Fextralife at E3 2017: Schedule, Game Coverage & More!

The annual gaming mega-convention E3 is upon us next week and the anticipation for what will be seen and revealed is building to a fire. With tons of games both confirmed and rumored to be there, the week is always a whirlwind of announcements and hands on impressions for the next wave of hit games. Once again, us at FextraLife will be on site in Los Angeles with first hand accounts of everything that goes on as well as closed door game demos with developers and publishers. Here is where we are going to be and who we are going to see day by day along with some helpful links of past coverage to help you get a great idea of what to expect!


Bethesda Conference

We’ll be in attendance for Bethesda’s E3 conference Sunday night at 9PM PST and are extremely intrigued to see what they’ll be showing. We know they’re working on projects that have been kept well under wraps. We theorized ourselves recently that we may see the next Elder Scrolls game announced, with Skyrim getting a little long in the tooth. It’s also possible we will see a Fallout 4 or Skyrim VR reveal and even a new IP. Whatever it is, this conference is possibly the one most clouded in mystery.


EA Play/Battlefront II

We will be heading over to the EA Play installation for some hands on time with Star Wars Battlefront II. If you’ve watched some of our livestreams, you’ll know how much fun we had horribly playing the first game way back when it was in open beta. We’re big fans of Star Wars and are looking forward to seeing what Battlefield developer DICE is going to be doing with the next installment.

Sony PlayStation​ Conference

Sony’s conference is an experience and they never seem to fail to deliver in spectacle and reveals and we are fully expecting the same this year. The rumors are already flying over a Bloodborne 2 reveal or possibly a brand new From Software game altogether. Additionally, we can expect some more God of War looks, as well as first party news from games like Horizon Zero Dawn, Uncharted, The Last of Us, Death Stranding and more. And we can certainly bet they’ll do something unexpected that surprises us into a jaw drop.



With the conference behind us, we’re looking forward to getting some up close and personal time with their reveals for ourselves. We’ll be out there bright and early getting some first hand impressions on what Sony is showing and will be bringing you all of the insights we’ve gathered.

Bandai Namco

This is the first of our 2 sessions with Bandai Namco and we’re anticipating a look at some fresh titles from the publisher/developer. We have already seen Code Vein announced from the team behind the God Eater series of games and are hopeful to get some hands on time with it and we can bet we’ll see some Dark Souls merch on display.

Dauntless (2017 PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Online party based monster hunting is right up our alley. Phoenix Labs’ Dauntless is certain to turn some heads at the conference. We haven’t seen a whole lot of gameplay to date, so this is going to be a great opportunity to get a sense of how the game handles. As a result, we’re really excited for our hands on time with it!

Absolver (August 2017 PS4, Xbox One, PC)

Devolver Digital’s anti-E3 setup in the Hooter’s parking lot is now the stuff of lore. Last year, SloClap’s Absolver was a surprise show stopper hit for those who ventured from the confines of the LA Convention Center to give the game a go. Its innovate blend of fighting game with RPG mechanics that allow you to master and customize a fighting style has plenty of gamers eager for a better look, especially Souls veterans.


Vampyr (2017 PS4, Xbox One, PC)

We saw Vampyr for the first time during last E3 and came away from the demo impressed. We followed up with Life is Strange developer Dontnod at Gamescom and had a chance to interview them about the game. The moody nature of the game and its weighty dialogue and choices of who to feed on struck as and once we saw the combat in action, we couldn’t help but think Bloodborne. It’s been quiet on the development front recently so we’re sure to see a lot that’s new.

Call of Cthulu (2017 PS4, Xbox One, PC)

This game has flown a little under the radar but it’s an investigative horror RPG developed by Cyanide who did Styx: Shards of Darkness. It incorporates Lovecraftian horror with stealth and detective elements and is going to have similarities with the pen and paper RPG game.

Kingdom Come Deliverance (2017 PS4, Xbox One, PC)

The realism centric RPG, Kingdom Come Deliverance, from Warhorse Studios, coming to PC and consoles is nearing a release and we’ve had a couple of chances to play it hands on as well as interview the developers. Each time we come away blown away by how immersive and ambitious the title is and expect more of the same this year.

Elex (October 2017 PS4, Xbox One, PC)

From Piranha Bytes and THQ Nordic, Elex is coming out this October for all platforms and is an open-world sandbox RPG that blends science fiction and fantasy. We saw it last year at E3 in it’s early pre-alpha state and the game had potential for some expansive quest focused gameplay and we’re looking forward to seeing how it has progressed since then.


Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire (2018 PC)

Pillars of Eternity 2: Deadfire, the sequel to Pillars of Eternity is highly anticipated by those who follow famed developer Obsidian Entertainment. After last year’s alternative history sequel of Tyranny, the true sequel will take the franchise deeper. The game had a very successful crowdfunding campaign and this is going to be for many the first time we get a good long look at the game.

Bandai Namco

We wrap up our E3 journey with our second session with Bandai Namco, and bring it all home for the week.

Be sure to stay glued to the blog as well as our Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, forums and Discord for up to the minute updates on all the happenings of the week. We’ll be sure to have both great information and great entertainment in good measure. Let’s see if our predictions for E3 2017 come true. We’ve gotten pretty good at this fortune telling stuff. What are you most excited to see? Let us know in the comments!

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    No plans for bungie?

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    Oh, a Call of Cthulhu game modeled after the tabletop game? That sounds like a fantastic thing.

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    Ooh, I need a fix of eldrich horror.

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    Sweet. Lots of interesting things to look for.

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    We have several unlisted appointments / lunches / dinners / drinks / parties… Keep an eye on twitter! We start tomorrow with a lunch with Elder Scrolls Online team :)

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  6. Avatar Elhanan says:

    Sorry to play the Grump Old Gamer card, but I am starting to feel sad for those attending E3. With only a few exceptions (eg; SW:BF2 announcement), the presenters apparently wish to be somewhere else. If there was justice, that would be a move to the seats in front of them. The lack of innovation along with what could be described as battle fatigue is contrasted by the diabetic, sugar coated plastic smiles and false personalities of the… well, personalities. I have had more fun pulling an old D&D Gold Box game from the shelves and playing while waiting for non-announcements than almost anything seen here this year. Or am I wrong again?

    FWIW – I am grateful that y’all attend these shows since I cannot, and I hope you manage to have a good time dining and playing a game or two with friends.

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