Fallout Board Game Announced By Fantasy Flight

Fallout Board Game Announced By Fantasy Flight

In a first reveal with Game Informer, we learned that a new Fallout board game is coming from the iconic Fantasy Flight Games.

Fallout Board Game

The Fallout board game takes inspiration from the video games when it comes to gameplay but features its own unique storytelling and mechanics. The game is a 1-4 player affair where you will choose 1 of 5 playable characters ranging from a Wastelander to a Brotherhood of Steel member. The game plays out across a modular hex board that matches from different scenarios and settings which all come from the video games.

fallout board game

You will ally with factions and other characters, accumulate weapons and armor and level up through a variation of the SPECIAL system. Battles are resolved through a dice mechanic that integrates the VATS targeting system by having body parts on the dice.

The game gives several different choices on how to resolve encounters and quests and every choice results in new cards drawn, which changes the course of the game dynamically. In the example given, freeing super mutants from captivity resulted in them wondering the land, setting up potential future encounters. This creates several divergent possibilities and increases replayability.

There is no release date set just yet, but we can expect it sometime in the next few months. If you’ve played any of Fantasy Flight’s other games you’ll know that they are always uniquely designed and typically really fun and faithful to the quirks of the property they’re based on, as opposed to basic cash ins. This seems like a fun way to spend an evening with some friends, drinking laughing and blowing things up with a Fat Man.

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