Fallout 76’s New Survival PvP Mode Relaxes the Rules

Fallout 76’s New Survival PvP Mode Relaxes the Rules

Last updated on April 5th, 2019

Bethesda reveals a new PvP mode that will come to Fallout 76 known as Survival mode. While many of the PvP features will stay the same, there will be a few differences in terms of restrictions.

Fallout 76’s New Survival PvP Mode Relaxes the Rules

Survival Mode will be coming to the Fallout 76 beta sometime during March 2019, which will feature the same quests, events and story however, the current PvP rules will be more laid back. It introduces a new rule that marks all teammates or even groupmates automatically as hostile to each other by default. While in current standard play you need to invite players to PvP, Survival mode will not require invitations. This means players in this mode can attack each other and do normal damage from the first shot. There is also level scaling, meaning new characters have a chance to survive against higher level ones to help even the playing field. Current standard mode will become known as Adventure Mode, where the current rules for PvP invitation applies.

Bethesda introduces two new modes, standard play will become Adventure mode and a new Survival mode dedicated to PvP

The developer is also is planning to add a death mechanic which means in Survival mode players will be unable to choose to seek revenge respawn option that is currently in standard play. The options for the new mode will allow for players to respawn at either your camp or Vault 76. Reward changes have also been planned by Bethesda, double caps will be awarded for a kill, those who die may also have a chance to drop their aid or other items as well as junk. This is a change from the current standard play as killed players will only drop junk.

You don’t have to play with your current characters for Survival mode either, you can create new ones if you wish. Both modes will carry progression over, meaning what you do in one mode will carry over to the other. The reason for being able to create a new character is explained by Bethesda on their blog post, it allows players to bring in a fresh new character so existing ones aren’t changed. This means you could have PvP builds for characters for Survival mode and other characters for Adventure.

If you’d rather keep your existing characters as they are, we recommend starting a new one when you head into the more challenging Survival mode.

Another new feature will be the introduction of a leaderboard, this will allow you to see how you are doing compared to others in Survival mode, making this a little more competitive.

The changes that they will implement in beta might bring problems that Bethesda had originally put measures in place to counter such as griefing, however by relaxing the PvP rules this means removing these barriers at least in this mode. While it looks like Bethesda is trying to foresee some possible issues such as spawn camping with the rule that players can only respawn at a camp or at Vault 76, but what stops players from waiting at someone’s camp? Hopefully through some trial and error through beta, Bethesda can work on some solutions to these new rules. Nothing is confirmed yet as Bethesda assure fans on the Fallout 76 subreddit which has seen a lot of suggestions from the player base, that they will continue to improve Survival according to feedback.

It hasn’t been smooth sailing Fallout 76 as the launch was met with a few bumps along the way, Bethesda looks like they are trying to listen to community feedback in terms of PvP. They have also assured some new things will be coming to the game including new vaults opening, hopefully this brings more interesting in-game activities as well.

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