Fallout 76 Updates To Add Brotherhood of Steel Plus New Seasonal Rewards

Fallout 76 Updates To Add Brotherhood of Steel Plus New Seasonal Rewards

Bethesda announce upcoming updates for Fallout 76 will add the Brotherhood of Steel and some new seasonal rewards.

Fallout 76 Updates To Add Brotherhood of Steel Plus New Seasonal Rewards

A new roadmap has been released by Bethesda for Fallout 76, outlining three updates coming each season. The first being in summer that actually introduces seasons to F76. The second coming in Fall called One Wasteland For All and lastly Fracture Steel which comes out in winter.

Introducing Seasons – Summer Update

The update Introducing Seasons will change a lot of Fallout 76’s framework, introducing a new currency known as SCORE points. These will be awarded for completing challenges. Players will make progress across a retro looking game board with increasing SCORE points, gaining rewards to boot. The developer says that:

Challenges will be less complicated and easier to complete, typically involving activities players would complete by playing Fallout 76 as they normally would.

This works similarly to a battle pass system which has been seen in games such as Fortnite. This update also brings new high level perks called Legendary Perks, public teams making teaming up easier and a new legendary boss event called A Colossal Problem. This will be added in Update 20.

In addition to this, there will be more community challenges, the return of Fasnacht Parada and Meat Week event.

One Wasteland For All – Fall Update

In Fall players will be introduced to the One Wasteland For All Update, which will rebalance enemies and the rewards they reap to your level. This means players at different levels can join a group with varying players experience. This also brings a new questline Steel Dawn and Daily Ops.

There will also be a refresh of Season 2 and bring a Bombs Drop event.

Faction Steel – Winter Update

Previously Bethesda has been hinting that the Brotherhood of Steel might be making an appearance in Fallout 76, and is confirmed now to be joining in winter. This continues the story arc that starts in the new Steel Dawn quest-line and sets to introduce new NPCs, further quests as well as companions to the Wast Virginia Wasteland.

Further additions include easily customisable builds with Perk Loadouts, C.A.M.P. Shelters will build instanced interiors and expeditions will gain new repeatable missions.

Winter will also bring Season 3, new daily ops and holiday scorched event.

If you’re thinking of diving into Fallout 76 you can catch the tail end of the free trial for Fallout 76 that’s available on Playstation 4, PC, and Xbox One, ending on May 18th. You will need Playstation Plus or Xbox Live Gold in order to play on consoles. All progress will carry if you so wish to purchase the game.

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