Fallout 76 Releases New Trailer “The Power of the Atom! Intro to Nukes”

Fallout 76 Releases New Trailer “The Power of the Atom! Intro to Nukes”

In this latest trailer, Bethesda Softworks introduces nuclear weapons to Fallout 76 in a comedic yet deadly intro video. Featuring ways to access launch codes and how to activate the deadliest weapon in the game.

Fallout 76 Trailer “The Power of the Atom! Intro to Nukes”

In this new trailer Bethesda shares the introduction to the Atom which they shared at their E3 2018 press conference earlier this month. Here they go into detail about how to acquire a full set of codes needed to launch the ultimate weapon, an atom bomb.

The trailer also shows result of some of the fallout which can give you special loot but can come with at hefty price. New glowing creatures will pop up and need to be taken out in order to explore the area.

Check out some of the screenshots below for what to expect in terms of combat and nuclear fallout:

For the full trailer you can watch it below:

Fallout 76 is set to release on Xbox One, PC and PS4 on November 14th, 2018 with beta version coming to Xbox One first prior to the release date. Players can opt-in for beta via the Bethesda website.

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6 comments on “Fallout 76 Releases New Trailer “The Power of the Atom! Intro to Nukes””

  1. Avatar Lich180 says:

    I think people who think these would be good for briefing are underestimating the usage of a "choose your high level loot" area. Why waste a good nuke on someone else’s base, for them to get the gear?

    Also, it’s kind of silly to have brand new survivors of a nuclear war nuking each other back to the Stone Age. You’d think they would’ve learned a lesson. Guess that’s what you get when you go for fun over story.

  2. deltamind says:

    A combination of comedy and deadly scenes, wow! The trailer/gameplay was indeed very fun to watch.

  3. Avatar Yuria says:

    I guess they’re taking the idea that the human race never learns from past mistakes and leftover nukes seem too tempting to pass up.
    I think they did a good job introducing it, but watch out for your neighbours.

  4. Avatar elnawawi says:

    If they introduce great loot for super epic boss monsters , there will be many people willing to use these nukes in ‘properly’ .. If they encourage PVP , then we know where these will go

  5. Avatar Yuria says:

    It will depend on how easy it will be to obtain these launch codes as you will need a complete set of codes to use nukes. Not having a full set might make it bit more difficult to do so.

    If you haven’t yet, check out this article on PvP balancing for Fallout 76, some good points here: https://fextralife.com/bethesda-navigates-the-pitfalls-of-pvp-balancing-in-fallout-76/

  6. Avatar Back_Lot_Basher says:

    War. War never changes. ;)

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