Fallout 76 Fans Make Full Pre-Release World Map

Fallout 76 Fans Make Full Pre-Release World Map

Fallout 76 was announced not even that long ago and somehow dedicated fans of the franchise have already materialised a map of the world. Fans have pieced together visual clues from trailers, gameplay clips and other promotional content released by Bethesda for Fallout 76 and created a fan made map of the Fallout 76 world.

Fallout 76 Fans Make Full Pre-Release World Map

Fallout 76 was showcased at E3 2018 this year, and has a set a release date for November 14th 2018, yet fans have taken the time to assemble a map of the world already. Bethesda have not shown any kind of detail in terms game map locations, however have shared six key regions that are featured on the fan made map: Toxic Valley, The Mire, Savage Divide, Cranberry Bog, Ash Heap and The Forest. With these few details along with stills of the in-progress version of the map fans have assembled the unofficial map.

The maps are being updated and the eighth version was shared via Twitter with some places marked out of speculation. The locations are actually based on real-world locations in West Virginia where the game is set. Other places are what others expect to be in the game, speculative areas and landmarks.

Taking the information that was shared by Bethesda that the area of the Fallout 76 world is four times larger than that of Fallout 4, leads to the conclusion that the area is 15.28 sq. miles. While the size does not completely match up to the real life counterpart of West Virginia, the game does take into account day and night cycles which balances this out.

Fallout 76 is set to release on Xbox One, PC and PS4 on November 14th, 2018.

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  1. deltamind says:

    That is some hard work and dedication right there. People are very passionate towards gaming and so am I but this is really surprising to see. *claps*

  2. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Yeah it’s quite amazing! xD

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