Fallout 76 Confirmed Online Multiplayer Survival at E3 2018

Fallout 76 Confirmed Online Multiplayer Survival at E3 2018

At today’s Bethesda press conference at E3 2018, we get a more indepth look into the type of game Fallout 76 is. They confirm our predictions of a first person online multiplayer, this survival game will be coming to PC, Xbox One and PS4 on November 14th, 2018.

Fallout 76 Confirmed Online Multiplayer Survival at E3 2018

Bethesda’s press con was filled with upcoming releases including the new Fallout title, Fallout 76 a prequel to the series. The highly anticipated game is the next instalment but does not follow the usual Fallout formula. This online multiplayer is set 200 years after the fallout where players await “Reclamation Day”, the day where the inhabitants of Vault 76 can leave and explore the world that was left behind. Set in America in West Virginia, the location is surrounded by nature, towns and government secrets.

The title sets to include not only a new online co-op mode, but also a single player mode where players can complete quests, level their character and explore the world. While single player mode is available, co-op mode is the easiest way to survive so teaming up with friends could be the way to go. Fallout 76 does set out to be a survival game, Game Director Todd Howard explained it to be “softcore mode” meaning if your character dies, you will not lose your progression.

Unlike other MMO games, Fallout 76 sets out to only have dozens of players existing in your game, after all it’s a post-apocalyptic world where survivors are scarce. You can build anywhere and move your structures to new locations.

But we should probably mention the thing that’s going to make the multiplayer mode a bit more interesting is the missile sites. Located on various parts of the map are locations that contain missiles, players will need to collect codes in order to form a complete one to launch the missiles. To obtain these codes you will either team up with friends or even need to take out other players. Aim them at the enemy camp but be careful where you target as you don’t want to accidentally missile your own base.

Bethesda assure dedicated servers that will be around for years to come, and they will allow fans to sign up for Beta access or as they comically put it “Break it Early Test Application” via the Bethesda website.

Check out the trailer below:

They are even ready to share the special edition which will have a glow in the dark map from the game, duffle bag, exclusive steelcase, collectable Fallout figurines, Tricentennial bonus digital items and also a T-51 Power Armor Helmet.

Fallout 76 is set to launch on PC, Xbox One and PS4 on November 14th, 2018. If you wish to gain early access, you can sign up for beta via the Bethesda website. The game is already available to pre-order via Amazon.

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10 comments on “Fallout 76 Confirmed Online Multiplayer Survival at E3 2018”

  1. Avatar Elhanan says:


    Have thousands of hours in Skyrim, as my first Open World and Bethesda title. Still, with all that time, the many Bioware titles I have played (ie; DA series, ME series, SWTOR, NWN1, etc) excel at storytelling and characters. While I may not be able to play FO76 or Anthem due to the on-line combat, I hope the best for both rather than relish in the demise of either.

  2. Avatar Back_Lot_Basher says:

    I want to love this game…I really do. I’ve been expecting an online Fallout, especially with the success of ESO. My biggest red flag is still the framework of PvP and the lack of griefer control. They’re being vague on the game systems in a way that reminds me of Bungie with Destiny, and that makes me nervous.

    IMO, the simplest solution to their problem would be twofold: 1) adopt Borderlands 2 system of consensual duels, and 2) keep “open conflict” PvP isolated in specific places, like these irradiated zones (like The Division).

    One other thing I’m looking for is some kind of system for organic matchmaking, like the Sousborne series does.

  3. Avatar Lich180 says:

    Ok, didn’t want to add this to my previous post.

    As more info about this game comes out, I find my initial disappointment a little too strong. I’m still not happy it’s not a classic RPG Fallout, but I think it does have some potential.

    After watching the NoClip documentary, I might see how this game is received. Problem for me though, is a lack of solo play. Maybe they’ll have a decent drop in and out system.

  4. Avatar Lich180 says:

    I think Bethesda is using Fallout 76 for a test run, first to see what kind of reaction the game gets, and to see how much they can use their ancient Gamebryo engine and push it to it’s limit.

    I expect Starbound to be on a totally new engine (or rebuilt engine, similar to Skyrim) and Starbound will be a test for ES6.

    If Fallout 76 does well, or is well received, I expect Bethesda to push more crap out and call it “Elder Scrolls”.

  5. ckmishn says:

    So the answer to the question of which former maker of terrific single player RPGs will be first to market with an awful online only RPG is Bethesda, beating Bioware by a few months. Plus, to rub salt in Bioware’s wounds, they announced 2 new games that, while they’re both years from release, are likely to be decent single player games, something I don’t think the remaining husk of Bioware is capable of anymore.

  6. Avatar Back_Lot_Basher says:

    What I worry about is that a “solo” F76 will be just me wandering around in a world with just a bunch of enemies, but no real purpose. They said there are no NPCs, only human players (which seems odd, unless I misunderstood), so like Lich said is it going to be a story based solo component?

    Anyway, this game definitely feels like a wild card and I’m curious to see more.

  7. Avatar qeter says:

    play solo online. pretty sure the next elder scrolls is in high rock.

  8. Avatar Lich180 says:

    What is the single player like, though? Is it similar to Fallout 3, New Vegas or 4, or is it “play solo online”?

    And about Elder Scrolls 6, all I saw was a teaser trailer that didn’t do anything but say “hey, this is being made”, so I can’t get excited about it yet.

  9. Avatar Fexelea says:

    There’s single player as well do you don’t need to worry much

  10. Avatar Back_Lot_Basher says:

    Online survival? Really? Does this mean that you constantly deal with griefing from other human players? What a way to take a steaming dump on such a beloved franchise. I mean, I’ll hold out for more clarification on how this works, but no way am I dropping money on something that ends up being like one big Dark Zone from the Division (even if they do say you don’t lose progression). The annoyance factor alone will turn me off.

    At least they announced a new ES game, in case this one goes into the crapper.

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