Fallout 4 Screenshots

Fallout 4 Screenshots

With the recent official announcement of Fallout 4 and trailer reveal, players are seeking more info about the game wherever it may be!

Well, I invite you to discover the wonderful world of screenshot inspection! We will continue to add screenshots to our newly launched Fallout 4 Wiki, so check it out often 🙂


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6 comments on “Fallout 4 Screenshots”

  1. Avatar Alkaiser says:

    Hype level over 9000! That’s a cute doggie :D

  2. Avatar HirokiSugihara says:





  3. Avatar TSMP says:

    Oh, interesting. Was there any information on Fallout 4 before that VG article announced it alongside Dark Souls 3?

  4. Avatar Noob-of-Artorias says:

    …Fex is called a Deathclaw…and you will learn to fear them like the nail fears the hammer.

  5. Goph4 says:

    I almost want to buy an Xbox One just for this game

  6. Avatar ElCazador says:

    Look at that Deathclaw… I need Anti-Materiel Rifle right now… :D

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