Fallen Legion Action-RPG Out Now On Steam!

Fallen Legion Action-RPG Out Now On Steam!

From the tum-tums of developers Yummyyummytummy and Mintshpere, comes Fallen Legion+,  a repacking of two action-RPGs that’s out now for PC by means of Steam.

Fallen Legion – Now On PC!

Embark on a personal journey with Princess Cecille and an enigmatic talking grimoire to restore glory to your crumbling home in Fallen Legion: Sins of an Empire.  Or travel through a ravaged continent with Legatus Laendur in Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion  and rally support to take back what the empire took from you.

Fallen Legion  was initially released in mid of last year as two separate games: Sins of an Empire  (PS4) and Flames of Rebellion  (PS4, PS Vita). And each title featured its own set of characters from opposing sides of a conflict. As mentioned, Fallen Legion+  combines them both in a single release for your enjoyment.

This 2D action-RPG has a seemingly simple, but ultimately complex battle system, where players can string together a variety of combos to undo their foes. It’s art-style and presentation is also reminiscent of Vanillaware’s own 2D RPG brawler, Dragon’s Crown.  So if you enjoyed that, or are looking for something similar, this might be right up your alley.

It’s worth noting that picking up Fallen Legion+  before January 13th, 2018 can net you a bonus 20% off  on your Steam purchase.

Fallen Legion+  is now available on PC via Steam. While Sins of an Empire  and Flames of Rebellion  are readily available as separate purchases on PlayStation 4, with the PS Vita only having the latter.

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